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The 0.3.0 update, titled Exposition, is a content update to the game released on 26 August 2021.[1] This update adds a new type of evidence which can be seen through the new D.O.T.S. Projector, new hunt mechanics, as well as an update of nearly all equipment models.



D.O.T.S. Projector
  • Serves as new type of evidence
  • Emits a matrix of bright green laser points around it
  • Shows a silhouette of the ghost running through the laser matrix if the ghost interacts with it
  • Can be mounted on the wall or the floor


  • When interacting with a D.O.T.S. Projector, will only be visible on a video camera and when no other people are nearby
  • Roams less than other ghosts
  • Requires EMF 5, Fingerprints and D.O.T.S. Projector as evidence
  • Makes quieter hunting sounds
  • Makes paranormal sounds more frequently
  • Requires EMF 5, Fingerprints and Ghost Writing as evidence


Paranormal sounds


  • New Head bob option
  • New post processing effects for CCTV and players



  • Hunting grace period has been shortened from 5 seconds to 3 seconds
  • The ghost is now invisible during the hunting grace period
  • Ghosts now have a higher acceleration rate
  • All electronic equipments are now affected by hunts
  • Active electronic equipment held in hand within 8 meters of the ghost now alert it of your position during a hunt
  • Equipment and lights will only be affected within 10 meters of the ghost during a hunt


  • All ghost types have their evidences changed
  • Groaning sound effect has been changed
  • The lullaby sound effect has been changed
  • Footsteps when walking can now only be heard via a Parabolic Microphone
  • If a photo of it is taken while it is visible, it will now show up on the photo


  • Updated visuals for most equipment
Candles and Smudge Sticks
  • New visual effects when used
Ghost Writing Book
  • Now has an animation and sound effect when used by the ghost
  • Now glow for 30s before fading over the next 30s
Motion Sensor
  • Features from the infrared light sensor have been merged into the motion sensor
Parabolic Microphone
  • Can now hear paranormal sounds
Photo Camera and Video Camera
  • Now provide footage when the player is holding it
  • Now has an animation when the ghost steps in it
Spirit Box
  • New audial responses from the ghost
  • New icons to replace the text-based indicator for responses


  • Sprinting is now twice as fast
  • Player may sprint for 3 seconds with a 5 second recharge
  • Walking speed has been increased to the old sprinting speed


  • Lighting has been improved on every map
  • New "placement helper object" visuals

Removed features

Infrared Light Sensor
  • Features merged into motion sensor

Bug Fixes

From versions released before 0.3.0

  • "Show us" phrase no longer makes the ghost interact twice
  • Fixed a bug where you could mute the Spirit Box static by picking it up with a different object in your hand
  • Fixed a bug where ghost events would only lower host’s sanity
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost window knocks were not giving interaction evidence on most windows
  • Fixed a bug where you could get the ghost to interact with objects with voice recognition in quick succession
  • Fixed a common multiplayer crash for the host on Asylum in multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug where you could force the ghost to end the hunt using voice recognition
  • Fixed a bug where you could get the ghost to interact with objects when you were dead with voice recognition
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn't always get a small map on the map selection screen
  • Fixed a bug where the sensors couldn't be placed in certain doorways
  • Fixed a bug where picking up sensors too quickly would keep them turned on in your hand.
  • Fixed occlusion culling issues on several levels
  • Fixed a bug where Danish and Finnish were in the wrong order in the language selection
  • Fixed a bug where certain ghost's animations would only play if you are the host
  • Fixed a bug where equipment sounds were broken when being held by a female character

From 0.3.0 (as fixed in hotfix)

  • Fixed a bug where you could click on the ghost writing book to activate it
  • Fixed a bug where Hungarian and Danish languages were swapped in the settings
  • Fixed an issue where the celcius text didn't change to fahrenheit on the Thermometer