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The 0.4.0 update, titled the Nightmare update, is a major update to the game released on 25 October 2021.[1] This update adds four new ghosts, a new campsite map, as well as a rework of the difficulty system. A hotfix carrying the same version was later released to fix some issues.[2]



  • Doors may now start open
  • Some hiding spaces may be blocked
  • Sanity Pills now restore different amounts of sanity depending on difficulty
Nightmare difficulty
  • Ghosts will not reveal one type of evidence
  • Ghost room may change
  • Kills extend the current hunt's duration
  • Sanity monitor and activity level monitor will be damaged


  • When crouching, the player collider now shrinks to match the player model
  • Ghosts will now disrupt electronic equipment whenever they are visible
  • Showers and certain furniture can now be interacted with by ghosts
  • The interactive map monitor now has new player icons
  • New modifiers to ghost events


  • New jelly-like/semi-transparent form when manifesting or hunting
  • When interacting with the environment, an Obake will rarely leave a trace
  • Sometimes this ghost will shapeshift, leaving behind unique evidence
  • Requires EMF 5, Fingerprints and Ghost Orb as evidence
  • Extinguishing a flame will make it more likely to attack
  • Threatening the ghost will make it less likely to attack
  • Requires Spirit Box, Ghost Orb and Freezing Temperatures as evidence
  • A Raiju can siphon power from nearby electrical devices, making it move faster
  • Raiju are constantly disrupting electronic equipment, making it easier to track when attacking
  • Requires EMF 5, Ghost Orb and D.O.T.S. Projector as evidence
The Twins
  • First and only ghost to come in a pair
  • Either Twin can be angered and initiate an attack on their prey
  • Will often interact with the environment at the same time
  • Requires EMF 5, Spirit Box and Freezing Temperatures as evidence


Global chat
  • Using global chat will now attract the ghost during hunts
  • Will now only play static sounds when used near the ghost


Maple Lodge Campsite
  • First outdoor map
  • Features more detailed visuals and objects
  • Features new detailed interactive map in the van
  • Each contract will now have one of six types of different weather: Clear Skies, Fog, Light Rain, Heavy Rain, Strong Wind, Light Snow
  • Will affect default temperature




  • Can now be blown out while the room lights are turned on
  • Will now extinguish in heavy rain and when thrown
Fuse Box
  • Now has two separate light indicators for its on/off state
  • Can now be blown out by ghosts
  • Will now extinguish in heavy rain and when thrown
  • Will now turn off when swapped into inventory
Ouija Board
  • Sanity deduction rebalanced
    • Non-response will now deduct less sanity
    • A response will now deduct more sanity
Parabolic Microphone
  • Will now detect window knocks
Sanity Pills
  • Now restore different amounts of sanity depending on difficulty
Sound Sensor and Motion Sensor
  • Can now be placed on the floor

Evidence and ghost traces

  • Can now be a random bone from the human body, with new visuals
  • Will now disappear after 60 seconds
  • New visuals
  • Will no longer generate if the ghost is not moving
  • New visuals
Freezing Temperatures
  • Now may require a lower reading on the thermometer
    • Changed to take into account the map weather


  • The displayed average sanity will now be based on the displayed individual sanities
  • Several rooms have been renamed
  • Several photo frames have had their photos replaced
  • Heartbeat sound volumes are now proximity-based


  • Attic and basement ghosts now roam less often
  • Footsteps can now only be heard when the ghost is moving
  • Ghost sounds will now fade out instead of abruptly stopping
Ghost events
  • Will now last for at least 1 second
  • Will now disrupt electronic equipment and global chat, similar to hunts
  • Successful questions will now deduct 40% of sanity as its weakness


  • Ghosts now have a slightly faster base and acceleration speed
  • Hunt duration has been lowered on small and medium maps


Contract selection
  • All contracts can now be selected at all times
  • Difficulty will now default to previously played difficulty
  • Contracts now show a difficulty description instead of a map description
  • Number of floors is now displayed
  • Changing screen resolution in the journal now offers confirmation

Bug Fixes

From versions released before 0.4.0

  • Fixed grammar and punctuation for English, in the journal, on several pages
  • Fixed a bug where ghosts would not always do their walking animation for ghost events
  • Fixed a bug where only the host could turn the car alarm off
  • Salt placement highlight is no longer visible on walls after looking at the floor
  • Salt can no longer be placed on the prison staircase inside the wall
  • “No code in clipboard” and “None” now have translations
  • Footstep sounds no longer continue after you have stopped moving
  • The hunt will now end if the host left during the hunt
  • Having multiple monitors with different resolution scale no longer crashes the game
  • The ghost will no longer sing while making hunting sounds at the same time
  • Holding a tripod with a camera on during a hunt will no longer cause the ghost not to find the player
  • Fixed a bug where the bloom option buttons were backwards on the main menu
  • DOTS ghosts can no longer be seen through walls where there was no DOTS Projector
  • Fixed an exploit where you could use a camera on a tripod to trick the ghost into thinking you were inside

From 0.4.0 (as fixed in hotfix)

  • Fixed a bug where the wall lights on Grafton and Bleasdale didn't work
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't leave Grafton and Bleasdale after a hunt
  • Fixed an issue where you would get big performance drops when the campfire was lit
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost could not leave or enter the female toilets
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost could get stuck on the generator
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost could swap room from the basement to the top floor in professional and nightmare on Ridgeview
  • Several performance improvements for all weather effects