Decades have passed since this building has seen anything more than paranormal inhabitants within its walls. That is until your team arrives to investigate the threat of a malicious spirit.

—The Journal[src]

Asylum is the first large map to be added during early access. Being unlocked at level five, its labyrinthine architecture, paired with its endless hallways and corridors, make for an intimidating venture, and even the most experienced paranormal investigator may find themselves getting lost.

Global chat, a Strong Flashlight, and Candles placed at key intersections may not be enough to prevent a loss of Sanity in these dark halls, so be sure to pack a lot of Sanity Pills before beginning an investigation.


Van maps

Labelled map

Ouija Board Locations

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Basement/Bottom Floor

Top Floor

Bone Locations

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Basement/Bottom Floor Bone Locations

First/Top Floor Bone Locations

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