The Bone can be found laying around on all contracts. It can, however, be hard to find. On bigger maps it usually lays around in the open, whereas on smaller maps it might be well hidden (or laying within another object: carpets are slightly above ground level, towels, on tables within objects on the table, etc.).

The spawn location of the Bone is completely random and does not have specific spots where it can spawn.

Taking your time to find the Bone Evidence is worth your time, as it adds close to a quarter of the collected reward.

For both Evidence types, make sure to take a photo of the bone with the Photo Camera (check your Journal to make sure it count as Bone) and pick up the Bone.

Dead players are reportedly able to see the bone, so searching for the bone may give them something to do while waiting for the game to finish.


  • Based on its size and shape, the bone appears to be the femur (thigh bone) of a chicken.

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