Shut down due to unnatural deaths, this isolated school has been abandoned for decades. Brownstone High School is the first medium-sized map added during early access. Long decrepit hallways, ominous classrooms, grotesque bathrooms, and various vacant office spaces fill the place with a solemn atmosphere. Its square shape and general symmetry can make it intuitive to navigate, and depending on the ghost, it may be easier to run during a hunt than to hide.

Often, the faint ringing of a telephone can be heard traveling among the halls. Follow the sound and you just might find the Ghost Room.

Due to the distance between available entrances and the truck, it is recommended to stage gear close to the building before beginning the mission.


Ouija Board Locations

First Floor
This gallery of Ouija Board locations on the First Floor is missing the Ouija Board spawn point in the Basketball Court.

Second Floor
This gallery of Ouija Board locations on the Second Floor is missing the Ouija Board spawn points in the Lecture Hall, Girls Bathroom, and Storage Room 2.

Bone locations

This gallery of Bone locations is incomplete.

First Floor Bone Locations

Second Floor Bone Locations


Currently, the Brownstone High School is the second biggest map in Phasmophobia, only losing to the Asylum.

The Brownstone High School seems very similar to Midwich Elementary School from Silent Hill, purposefully or not.

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