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Brownstone High School is a map in Phasmophobia. It is the first medium-sized map added to the game. Its square shape and general symmetry can make it intuitive to navigate, and its long hallways may make perpetual running almost impossible. This map unlocks at level 3.


Brownstone High School has one front and one side yard (separated from each other), about three dozen classrooms, eight bathrooms, a lecture hall, a cafeteria, and a gymnasium complete with two locker rooms.

Brownstone High School features five exit doors. Due to the large distance between the closest entrance and the van, it may be desirable to stage gear close to the building before entering.

  • All hallways on both floors cannot be chosen as a ghost room, meaning Ghost Orbs do not need to be checked for in these hallways. The area called the Lobby can still be chosen as a ghost room.
  • The four Science Classrooms at the back of the building (two downstairs and two upstairs) each consist of two smaller sub-rooms: the classroom with chairs and the science lab with large metal tables.
  • There are four pairs of bathrooms with the same name on this map. The two bathrooms of each pair are located directly above/below one anther.
    • "Boys Bathroom" - Both are on the left side of the map, sharing a wall with the staircase.
    • "Boys Teachers Bathroom" - Both are on the left side of the map, sharing a wall with one of the "Boys Bathroom"s.
    • "Girls Bathroom" - Both are on the right side of the map, sharing a wall with the staircase.
    • "Girls Teachers Bathroom" - Both are on the right side of the map, sharing a wall with one of the "Girls Bathroom"s.
    • Bathrooms for girls have twice as many stalls as bathrooms for boys, by common logic.
  • Classrooms numbered 20 or above are all located on the 2nd floor. The rest, classrooms 1-19, are downstairs.
  • The upstairs hallway is divided into three separate rooms by the game. The game calls each of these 6 hallway rooms a "Corridor" (rather than a "Hallway").

Tips for surviving hunts

  • Because of its many vast, empty rooms, the player should plan an escape route and a hiding spot as soon as the Ghost Room is found and always remain on their toes when investigating, especially if the Ghost Room is vast and empty such as the gym or the cafeteria. Be ready to run at the first sign of a Hunt; using the brief grace period and strategic sprinting can make the difference between life and death.
  • Hallways can be a dangerous place during a Hunt as there is no distance limit at which a Ghost can see the player; they may suddenly be taken by surprise by a Ghost coming from the very end of a hallway, especially if it is a Revenant or a Jinn.
  • While all the lockers found on the map are simply decorative and therefore useless, the bathroom stalls are reliable hiding spots during Hunts, especially if the Ghost has not spotted you.
  • The Library contains several line-of-sight blockers, which can be used both for hiding and for cutting off a chasing Ghost.
  • Some classrooms have hiding spots (such as in a corner next to some file cabinets, which block line-of-sight with the door). Knowing which ones do and which ones don't can save a player during Hunts. Consider keeping open doors to classrooms with hiding spots and keeping closed those without.
  • Making sure to have Smudge Sticks within reach can be very useful when still trying to collect evidence, while sanity is within hunting range, as breaking line-of-sight can be more difficult because of how open the map is, especially on Nightmare difficulty where the grace period only lasts 2 seconds at the start of a hunt.


See Third-party tools for a list of detailed map viewers that players may use.

Bone locations

Please note that the white bone model is no longer used.

Bones more often spawn near the middle of a room, depending on the room's geometry, though there may be some exceptions. As Brownstone High School has a very large searchable area, looking for the bone is usually not profitable.


Cursed possession locations

All cursed possessions spawn in the Lobby or in the immediate vicinity in the hallway.


  • Currently, the Brownstone High School is the second biggest map in Phasmophobia, only losing to the Asylum.
  • The "Second Floor Main Corridor" is one of the largest rooms in the map, competing with "Basketball Court". Both rooms individually are also among the largest rooms in the game.
  • The Brownstone High School seems very similar to Midwich Elementary School from Silent Hill, purposefully or not.