Candles are deployable light sources that can be lit using a source of fire such as the lighter, which can be used to light up a room and prevent the player's sanity from dropping. Players can purchase candles, but they can also frequently be on maps. Similar to the glow stick, the candle can be placed on the ground and will continuously emit light until it eventually burns out.

Lit candles and turned on lights will help slow, but not stop your sanity from dropping, so they should not be completely relied on.

Ghosts tend to blow out nearby Candles, making them effective at checking if a ghost is nearby.

Lighting a Candle held by the player

Using a Lighter

When holding a candle, players can light it by having a lit Lighter in their inventory and pressing the F key while holding the candle. In detail:

  1. Pick up a Lighter and an unlit Candle.
  2. Turn the Lighter on and change inventory slots by pressing Q (but do not drop the Lighter) so that the Candle is in your hand.
  3. Press the F key.
Using another lit Candle
  1. Hold the unlit Candle in your hand.
  2. Look at the lit Candle and press F.
Having another player light your candle
  1. Hold the unlit Candle in your hand.
  2. The other player must look at your unlit Candle and press F.

Lighting a Candle not held by the player

Players can light candles that are not in their hand by holding a (lit) lighter or a lit candle in their hands, and then pressing the F key while looking at the unlit candle.

Dropping/Placing Candles

Candles can either be:

  • Placed down gently by pressing the F key. This results in the candle standing vertically/in an upright manner.
  • Dropped by pressing the G key. The candle might land on its side, which will result in less of its light illuminating the room.

Burning out

A Candle stays lit for only a few minutes before burning out. A burned out Candle can not be used again.


  • Dropping candles where they sit on the sides of tables, shelves, or other elevated objects will significantly improve their lighting, since candles produce weak visibility on the ground (mainly when dropped on carpets, as carpets are slightly above ground level, but function as light solid objects - lights cannot pass through light solid objects).
  • In larger maps like Brownstone High School or the Asylum, candles may be helpful as navigation markers for important areas such as the fuse box, ghost room, or exit door(s).
  • Candles are not affected by Hunts.
  • Candles found on-site can also be lit up with a lighter or another lit candle.
  • The candles available for purchase are significantly brighter than the ones found on-site.
  • Putting a candle by pressing the F key, being within 1 meter from it, stops the sanity from falling on the maps: Tanglewood, Edgefield, Ridgeview. It does not work on other maps. This will likely be changed in future updates. Candles that can be taken from the cupboard on the map Tanglewood work the same way.[1]
  • Sometimes a bug happens where candles do not run out over time.
Several candles found on-site or bought. Note the differences in color.

Several candles found on-site or bought. Note the differences in color.


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