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The crucifix is a purchasable item that is used to prevent ghosts from hunting.


When the ghost attempts to initiate a hunt (and not when a hunt has already commenced), if a crucifix is within 3 meters of the ghost (or 5 meters if the ghost is a Demon), the hunt will fail to begin. The crucifix works both when placed down or while being held. Each time a crucifix blocks a hunt, there is a 5-second delay before the ghost can attempt another hunt.

If the ghost is out of range of the crucifix (even if the crucifix is located in the ghost room), it may initiate a hunt as per normal. This may happen more often in larger rooms and/or when the ghost is roaming freely. The crucifix is useless when a hunt is already in progress and will not stop an active hunt or shield players from the ghost. Crucifixes cannot prevent cursed hunts.

The crucifix range is not limited by any obstacle such as walls and doors. This includes exterior walls, which means that it is possible for crucifixes to be used outside provided the ghost is within its range inside the investigation area. Under very rare circumstances, the Van may be parked close enough from the ghost room (most readily the garage on Edgefield Street House) such that the ghost may still be in range of a crucifix while it is still on its shelf in the van.

Although the crucifix works while held in-hand, it is strongly advised to place the crucifix on the ground, as this will free the player to do other objectives or hold onto more useful equipment during the investigation.

The crucifix will have a different visual appearance when it is being used up: when it is used once, one side of the crucifix will break off and disappear, with a visual char that glows in the dark where the piece was broken; when it is used twice, the entire crucifix will glow red as if it were burned. After the crucifix is used twice, the crucifix will be useless and have no further effect on the ghost.


  • Because it has no corpus (figure of the crucified Christ), the in-game item is not a true crucifix but rather just a regular cross.



Early Access Alpha
3 July 2020 The crucifix is no longer used up when preventing a hunt.
The crucifix's cost has been increased from $25 to $30.
26 August 2020
(Part 2)
The crucifix's range has been increased by 1 metre for all ghosts.
Early Access (Steam)
28 September 2020 The crucifix is now consumable, with 2 uses.
29 September 2020 The crucifix's range has been decreased by 1 metre for all ghosts.
27 March 2021 The crucifix now has models for each use instead of disappearing on its final use. Crucifixes now cause a 5 second delay before the ghost can attempt to initiate another hunt.
0.3.0 The crucifix model has been updated.