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The Crucifix is a purchasable item that is used to prevent the Ghost from entering into a Hunt.

How it works

For the Crucifix to successfully prevent a hunt, it must be in the vicinity of the ghost when it starts the hunt. The Crucifix's range has a radius of 3 meters for most ghosts, and 5 meters for the Banshee. The Crucifix works both when placed down or while being held. When the ghost attempts to initiate a hunt, it checks to see if it is in range of a crucifix. If it is, the hunt does not begin, and all the lights will be turned off while taking one of two charges the Crucifix has. Each time a Crucifix blocks a Hunt, there is a 5-second delay before the Ghost can attempt another Hunt.

If the ghost is out of range of the Crucifix (even if the Crucifix is located in the Ghost Room), it may initiate a hunt as per normal. No sound will occur when the Crucifix blocks a hunt. Lights may turn off or rapidly flash if the Crucifix prevents the ghost from hunting.

Note that the Crucifix must be within range of the ghost's hunting spawn location (i.e. its current physical location) in order to work. Because of this, the Crucifix isn't always reliable, since the Ghost may roam away from where it would otherwise expected to be.

If a Crucifix stops a hunt, the Site Activity Monitor will show 10 very briefly and then drop sharply.

Although the Crucifix works while in-hand, it is still the best choice to place it down on the floor to utilize Equipment in order to gather Evidence, while still having a degree of safety from a Hunt.


  • Because it has no corpus (figure of the crucified Christ), the in-game item is not a true crucifix but rather just a regular cross.


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