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Cursed possessions are a group of seven powerful, supernatural items that are used to directly interface with the ghost. They can make the ghost appear or provide information, generally at the cost of sanity. These items are the Music Box, Ouija Board, Voodoo Doll, Haunted Mirror, Summoning Circle, Monkey Paw, and Tarot Cards. Activating or using a cursed possession will immediately cancel the setup phase.


On all default difficulties, except Insanity, one cursed possession is selected at random for every contract. Each item has one dedicated spawn location on a given map. On most maps these spawn locations are scattered around the map, while on a few (namely Brownstone High School, Prison, and Sunny Meadows), they are all within just one room.

The use of cursed possessions is not mandatory. All objectives can be completed without them, and only a handful of Daily and Weekly Tasks require them outright. Cursed possessions grant players a level of control over the investigative process and the overall flow of a mission, but come with the risk of causing a hunt.

Cursed possessions generally only work while the player is in the investigation area. All, except for the Summoning Circle and Ouija Board, must be picked up in order to be activated. Cursed possessions require a free hand to pick up, and cannot be stored in the inventory. Instead they drop to the ground when switching to a different item, like the Tripod. The Summoning Circle is the only item that is immovable, and must be interacted with by using either an igniter or a lit firelight.

A photo can be taken of each spawned cursed possession in a contract. Photos reward up to 5XP and $5 depending on the distance the photo was taken from.

Enabling the "Friendly ghost" option[]

On Custom difficulty setting, when the "Friendly ghost" option is enabled, no hunt will occur after any of the following situations that would normally cause them:

  • When the "Death" tarot card is drawn
  • When the haunted mirror, music box, and Ouija board break
  • When the heart pin of the voodoo doll is pushed in
  • When the summoning circle-triggered ghost event ends
  • When the "I wish to see the ghost" and "I wish to trap the ghost" effects end, and when "I wish for knowledge" is asked of the Monkey Paw

Additionally, "The Hanged Man" tarot card cannot be drawn, except for "The Fool" version. All other effects of these cursed possessions work as normal with the setting enabled.

Related difficulty settings[]

  • Cursed Possessions quantity: The number of Cursed Possessions available
  • Cursed Possession #1 - #7: Enables the player to select the cursed possession(s), if desired

Objectives and challenges[]

  • Weekly challenge: Use cursed possessions



Early Access (Steam)
0.5.0 Added or changed various equipment to form the group of cursed possessions. Cursed possessions can no longer be used outside the investigation area. Each cursed possession now only has one spawn location per map.