Phasmophobia Wiki

Daily Challenges are additional goals that provide bonus income when completed. They reset every day at around midnight UTC, and are same for every player. They can be found on the whiteboard menu on the right, though cannot be seen while in a lobby.

List of daily challenges

Challenge Actual requirements (if any)/Notes Reward
Buy an item in the store $10
Capture a 3 star ghost photo $20
Complete Objectives Complete 5 objectives across multiple contracts. $30
Find a Bone The bone must be collected. $10
Get a $50+ photo reward Must be done across multiple contracts,
as one contract only provides a maximum of $40 in photo rewards.
Get a Spirit Box response Can be done in any map, including Training mode. $15
Play a Medium Map $20
Play contracts Play 3 contracts. $35
Play with another hunter $15
Reach 0 sanity $10
Survive a Hunting Phase This does not require being seen by the ghost. $15
Survive with only the starter items The Ghost does not have to be identified. $15
Take a photo of the Ghost $25