An Electro-Magnetic Field (short: EMF) is emitted whenever the Ghost interacts with its environment.

EMF can be read by the EMF Reader, allowing players to deduce the Ghost's activities from the EMF Level indicated by the reader.

EMF Emissions

There are four types of EMF emissions: interaction, throwing, manifestation, and evidence. EMF emissions will disappear after a period of 20 seconds.

EMF Level Ghost Activity
1 None, default state
2 Interacting with an object
3 Throwing an object
4 Manifestation
5 Evidence (25 % chance)

Level 1: Default State

EMF Level 1 is the default Level indicated as soon as the EMF Reader is turned on. It has no further significance.

Level 2: Interaction

EMF Level 2 indicates that the Ghost recently interacted with an object in the surrounding environment:

  • Interacted with a CCTV Camera
  • Interacted with a Door
  • Interacted with the Fuse Box
  • Interacted with a Light Switch
  • Interacted with a Painting
  • Interacted with a Radio
  • Interacted with a Sink
  • Knocked on a Window
  • Replied to the Ouija Board
  • Teleported an Object
  • Triggered the Car Alarm

EMF Level 2 can also indicate that any of the following Ghosts used their power:

Level 3: Throwing

EMF Level 3 indicates that the Ghost recently threw an object in the surrounding environment. It can also indicate that the Poltergeist used its power.

Level 4: Manifestation

EMF Level 4 indicates that the Ghost recently manifested itself either in its physical form or shadow form. EMF Level 4 also happens when the Ghost starts a Hunt.

Level 5: Evidence

EMF Level 5 only occurs when facing a Ghost that has it as a possible piece of Evidence. Each EMF Level 2 or 3 occurrence has a 25% chance to trigger a Level 5 indication instead. It does not necessarily indicate strong activity or immediate danger to the player.

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