Image of a EMF reader displaying level 5.

EMF Level 5 is a piece of Evidence used to determine which type of Ghost is haunting the location.

You can determine the current EMF Level using an EMF Reader.

How it Works

A ghost will have a 25% chance to produce an EMF level 5 emission when the ghost interacts with the environment (see EMF Ghost Interaction), such as when it causes the phone to ring in a classroom.

The EMF Reader will still pick up Level 5 readings when thrown, and has a larger radius of which it will pick it up from.

Possible Ghosts

Banshee EMF Level 5 Fingerprints Freezing Temperatures
Jinn EMF Level 5 Ghost Orb Spirit Box
Oni EMF Level 5 Ghost Writing Spirit Box
Phantom EMF Level 5 Freezing Temperatures Ghost Orb
Revenant EMF Level 5 Fingerprints Ghost Writing
Shade EMF Level 5 Ghost Orb Ghost Writing

Removed from beta

EMF 5 and Total Activity

The following is no longer part of the beta version of the game. It might still be a part of the regular (non-beta) version of the game.

A graph that indicates that an EMF Level 5 event occurred.

The van's Total Activity monitor shows a graph going from 0 to 4 and then from 4 to 0, but because it is not shaped like a rectangle, it is not possible to conclude from it that an EMF Level 5 event occurred. An EMF Level 5 event might or might not have occurred.

In the Van is a screen labelled "Total Activity" which monitors the total ghost activity over time, from a minimum of 0 to a maximum of 10. If a very specific graph appears on this screen then it indicates that an EMF level 5 event occurred; however, it is possible for an EMF level 5 event to occur without this particular graph appearing. This graph must form the shape of a rectangle that rises from 0 to 4 and then fall from 4 to 0, as shown in the image. It is not possible to conclude this from any other graph.

Because the green light on an EMF Reader is always on, an EMF level 5 event occurs only when the 4 additional lights on the EMF reader are lit up, which is why the height of the graph on the Total Activity monitor must go from 0 to 4 rather than from 0 to 5.


The following is no longer part of the game

Some players have said that taking a photo of an EMF Reader displaying a Level 5 event (i.e. all 5 lights being lit up) will count as an interaction photo; some have also claimed that the same is true of EMF Levels 2, 3, and 4. Recently, players have reported that such photos are not registered as interactions; this may no longer be part of the game.

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