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"Some Ghosts will leave EMF traces near them that will show up on an EMF Reader as level 5."

The EMF reader is a purchasable piece of equipment used to read the strength of electromagnetic fields in the nearby environment.

The EMF reader is required to detect evidence of EMF Level 5.


The EMF reader is a small black box adorned with five colored LED lights, each one indicating a different EMF level.

Whenever a ghost interacts with the environment and depending on the type of interaction, the EMF reader will light up various numbers of its LEDs. If the ghost causes multiple interactions within a short time frame, the one with the highest EMF level will be indicated by the EMF reader. During hunts, the EMF reader will malfunction and display random values between level 1 and 4.

The EMF Reader can be dropped on the floor, which increases its detection range, but due to being a directional tool, it will only be able to detect activities in the direction that it is facing.

EMF levels

EMF Level LED Colour Ghost Activity
None, default state
Interacting with an object
Throwing an object
Evidence (25% chance)

EMF Level 5

If the ghost has EMF Level 5 as a possible piece of evidence, each EMF occurrence of Levels 2 or 3 has a 25% chance to trigger a Level 5 indication instead. EMF Level 5 does not necessarily indicate strong activity or immediate danger to the player.

EMF Level 5 can prove to be quite location-sensitive, often requiring the player to aim the reader at a specific location within the ghost room during elevated activity, often the place the ghost has been standing in, which may be deduced with the help of ultraviolet footprints made by the Ghost walking through salt.


  • Use of motion sensors and consulting the site activity monitor can be used to be pinpoint locations where the ghost has been, and at what times it may give an active reading.
  • Placing the EMF reader in front of a camera allows the player to observe its level indications from the safety of the truck. However, taking a picture of EMF Level 5 via the monitor will not count as evidence.



Early Access Alpha
29 January 2020 Lowered the EMF reader's volume.
17 February 2020
2 March 2020
Turning on or off the EMF reader now emits a sound.
Early Access (Steam)
29 October 2020 The EMF reader pitch has been lowered.
0.3.0 The EMF reader model has been updated.
The EMF reader pitch now changes with the EMF reading.

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