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A two story, six-bedroom house with a basement, Edgefield Street House is a congested, claustrophobic environment. Despite this, there are plenty of hiding spaces during a hunt, as a room to hide in is always a few paces away.

Its tight hallways can often make it difficult to see past fellow investigators, and a team member may be encouraged to set up Video Cameras and observe key investigative details from the van.


Edgefield Street House contains six bedrooms (including a nursery), six toilets, a dining room, a garage, and a basement, among other rooms.

This map has 1 teddy bear in Purple Bedroom on the second floor.

Layout tips

  • Both the basement hallway and the storage room separated by a door is considered a single "Basement" room.
  • For every bedroom on the second floor, the game considers both the room with the bed and the attached bathroom, if any, to be a single room.

See Third-party tools for a list of detailed map viewers that players may use.

Key hiding spots and strategies

There are 6 closets and 2 sets of lockers in Edgefield. Depending on the difficulty, some closets or lockers will be filled with bulky items, preventing players from hiding in them:

  • Amateur: None
  • Intermediate: ≤ 5
  • Professional: ≤ 6
  • Nightmare: ≤ 7

Organic hiding spots are also available in several rooms. Some of these may be blocked by the presence of bulky items or their concealing elements removed.

Bone locations

Bones generally spawn randomly, though there is a slight bias for them to spawn closer to the middle of a room.


Cursed Possession locations


  • Before the Purple Bedroom's toilet had a sink, it was up to the toilet user to decide how to wash their hands, if at all.
  • There used to be a bug where taking a photo of the trashcan at the front of the house resulted in a Dead Body photo.


Early Access Alpha
19 March 2020 The basement has been split into two rooms mechanic-wise.
? The basement has been converted back into a single room.