The Equipment store, which can be used to buy Purchasable Equipment

Equipment in Phasmophobia can help you determine ghosts or let you achieve optional objectives. Players can purchase equipment using money they receive from successful investigations, but players are only able to bring a limited amount of each item when they go on an investigation.

When a player dies, they lose all equipment they added to the mission, excluding 1 of each starter equipment. Players who stay alive do not have to collect their equipment at the end of a contract to keep their equipment, it will be returned to them automatically.

There are 4 types of equipment:

Starter Equipment

Equipment that is available without purchase at the start of the game. You will not lose them even if you die.

Spirit Box

A piece of equipment that can be used to ask the ghost questions to get more information. Only some ghosts will respond via the spirit box, which can be used as evidence when identifying the ghost.

Ghost Writing Book

Equipment used to obtain the Ghost Writing evidence by placing it near a ghost.

Photo Camera

The Camera is equipment that is not used for gathering evidence. However, it may be required to complete additional objectives, daily challenges, or to acquire money from photo rewards upon finishing the investigation.

EMF Reader

The EMF reader is a small piece of equipment that detects EMF readings. As the ghost interacts with the environment or manifests, it will give a reading. All Ghosts are capable of giving readings up to level 4, but only Ghosts with EMF Level 5 as evidence can trigger a level 5 reading.

Video Camera

A DSLR Camera fine tuned for taking videos of the paranormal. The camera has a live feed to the computer monitor in the van.

UV Flashlight

The UV Flashlight is used to detect ghostly Fingerprints and Footprints.


The Flashlights are your primary source of vision when in the dark, as without it, the pitch-black will engulf you. There are two flashlights at your disposal: the normal flashlight, and the strong flashlight. On a mission, you can bring up to 4 of each one with you.

Van equipment

Equipment located in the van. These can't be lost either.

Objective Board

The Objective board can be found in starting van players spawn in, opposite to the Camera System and adjacent to the Site Activity Monitor and Sound Sensor Screen.

Site Map

The Site Map is located within the starting van. It shows lots of useful information, including the layout of the map, player's locations in real time, exit doors, stairs, CCTV camera locations (the one currently being viewed on the PC will be colored green, while the rest will be yellow) and the location of the fuse box. A large button can be found on the left side of the map which can be used to change to different levels of the map if a location has multiple stories. If sound sensors are placed, a large yellow area will show up on the map allowing players to see the sensor's area of coverage. If motion sensors are placed, a red line will show up on the map indicating their sensor range, and if tripped the monitor will audibly beep once and the line will change color to green for a few seconds.

Sanity Monitor

The Sanity Monitor is a screen in the van labelled "Team Sanity", where you can see all players' sanity as a percentile reading. The percentages displayed have a margin of error of about 3%.

Site Activity Monitor

The fourth monitor on the wall of the van. It shows the activity ranging from 0 to 10. 0 indicates the ghost is idle, while 10 indicates very high activity, up to and including a Hunt. Any other ghost activity will account for the in-between numbers such as the door of the ghost room closing, lights shutting on/off, the ghost throwing objects, messing with the breaker, jump scares/sounds, ghost events (phone ringing, radio turning on, etc), the ghost manifesting in the room (shade or corporeal), turning on water, and the exit door(s) closing, but not locking.

Sound Monitor

The fifth monitor is the sound monitor. It will show the noise levels detected by deployed sound sensors. These sensors will be named according to where they are placed closest to on the map, i.e. "living room". If two are placed close to each other they will share the same name potentially causing confusion.

Camera System

The camera system is a computer located on a small desk in the back of the truck. The monitor displays a live feed from any currently active camera on the map, including the head-mounted cameras players can wear. Left-clicking the computer's mouse will cycle through all currently active cameras, while left-clicking the keyboard will toggle night vision on or off. The camera system is the only way to detect Ghost Orbs.

Onsite Equipment

Distinct items that are available for use in the game. These cannot be bought but are found in the house itself.

Ouija Board

The Ouija Board is an item that can be found during an investigation to communicate with the ghost. On each map, there is a 50% chance for it to spawn, and it can be found in places such as basements, attics, beds, closets, or possibly out in the open. Using it allows the players to ask the ghost questions similarly to the Spirit Box at the cost of sanity.

Voodoo Doll

The Voodoo Doll is similar to Bone Evidence, as taking a picture of it with the Photo Camera will grant a photo reward at the end of the mission. While it can be picked up, it will take up a slot in your inventory and players don't receive additional payment for picking it up.

Bone Evidence

The Bone can be found laying in various locations around the map. Taking a picture of the Bone will provide a reward at the end of the mission. You can also pick up the bone for an extra $10.

Purchasable Equipment

Equipment that can be purchased in the menu. If you die with of these equipped during a mission, they will be lost. Insurance may partially cover the price of these depending on the difficulty of the Contract.


Candles can be lit using a source of fire such as the lighter (or other candles), which can be used to light up a room and prevent the player's sanity dropping. Players can purchase candles, but they can also spawn on maps. Similar to the glow stick, the candle can be placed on the ground and will continuously emit light.


The Crucifix is a purchasable item that is used to prevent the Ghost from entering into a Hunt.

Glow Stick

The Glowstick, when activated, emits a UV light when thrown. The height of the light is half of a doorway, allowing it to detect fingerprints.

Head Mounted Camera

The Head Mounted Camera can be used to help teams track each other and to see Ghost Orbs. Once worn, they do not take up a hand slot and act as a regular video camera.

Infrared Light Sensor

An Infrared Light Sensor that detects both human and paranormal movement. When set off, it will illuminate the surrounding area with a bright light.


The Lighter is an item used to light Smudge Sticks and Candles. It emits a small amount of light when activated and held by the player.

Motion Sensor

A motion sensor is a sensor that can detect the most subtle changes in the atmosphere around it. Linked live to the map in the van.

Parabolic Microphone

A Parabolic Microphone can detect sound through walls and at a great distance. It serves as a portable version of the sound sensor.

Salt Shaker

Salt is a purchasable item used to detect the Ghost's footprints. It is used to place salt piles on the floor which the ghost can walk in, disturbing it and creating footprints that can be seen with the UV Flashlight.

Sanity Pills

Sanity Pills replenish your Sanity level. They will replenish 40% of your sanity up to the maximum of 100%. They are vital for larger locations, allowing you to be safer on a contract for longer periods. This is the only known way to restore sanity. Staying in the light (flashlights don't count) only prevents your sanity from decreasing.

Smudge Sticks

Smudge Sticks are a purchasable item that when burned will deter the Ghost from hunting for a period of time. Smudge sticks also appear to sometimes make the ghost roam to other areas. They can also be useful during a hunt to stun ghosts for a short period of time.

Sound Sensor

The Sound Sensor is a sensor that can listen to the most quiet sounds and vibrations in the air. It covers a large area enabling players to narrow down the ghost room on large maps. This gets displayed as data at the van.

Strong Flashlight

An upgraded version of the flashlight. It is quite self-descriptive: it creates a much brighter light than the flashlight, making navigation in the dark that much easier.


The Thermometer is a purchasable item used to read the current room's temperature, or the temperature of specific locations within the room.


The Tripod can be used to mount Video Cameras on. Tripods will be deployed facing the same direction as the player deploying them.

Table of Purchasable Equipment

Table of Equipment Costs
Equipment Cost Given Item? Max Per Investigation Cost To Max Item
EMF Reader 45 Yes 2 45
Flashlight 30 Yes 4 90
Photo Camera 40 Yes 3 80
Lighter 10 No 2 20
Candle 15 No 4 60
UV Light 35 Yes 2 35
Crucifix 30 No 2 60
Video Camera 50 Yes 6 250
Spirit Box 50 Yes 2 50
Salt 15 No 2 30
Smudge Sticks 15 No 4 60
Tripod 25 No 5 125
Strong Flashlight 50 No 4 200
Motion Sensor 100 No 4 400
Sound Sensor 80 No 4 320
Sanity Pills 45 No 4 180
Thermometer 30 No 3 90
Ghost Writing Book 40 Yes 2 40
Infrared Light Sensor 65 No 4 260
Parabolic Microphone 50 No 2 100
Glowstick 20 No 2 40
Head Mounted Camera 60 No 4 240

To be able to bring the max of all of the Purchasable Equipment, players will need to spend $2,775.

(Starter Equipment is in bold italics)
Purchasable Equipment: CandleCrucifixEMF ReaderFlashlight (regular)Ghost Writing BookGlow StickHead Mounted CameraInfrared Light SensorLighterMotion SensorParabolic MicrophonePhoto CameraSalt ShakerSanity PillsSpirit BoxSmudge SticksSound SensorStrong FlashlightThermometerTripodUV FlashlightVideo Camera
Van Equipment: Objective BoardSanity MonitorSite Activity MonitorSite MapSetup Timer
Onsite Equipment: Bone EvidenceOuija BoardVoodoo Doll
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