Phasmophobia Wiki

A set of equipment on racks in the van

Equipment in Phasmophobia is used to determine the type of ghost inhabiting a location, or to achieve optional objectives. Players can purchase equipment using money they receive from successful investigations.

When a player dies, they lose all equipment they added to the mission, excluding the default starter equipment that is always provided. Players who stay alive do not have to collect their equipment at the end of a contract to keep their equipment; it will be returned to them automatically. Players do not lose consumable equipment (e.g. sanity pills and smudge sticks) after consuming them.

The soft limit on purchaseable equipment is 1000 for each item. Players can still buy more than 1000 of each item, but if they die, the number of that item will be reset to 1000, without compensation.

Ghosts disrupt electronic equipment whenever they are visible, such as during a hunt or when they manifest (i.e. become visible while not hunting).

There are 4 types of equipment:

Starter equipment

Starter Equipment is available from the very beginning, and one of each of the following will always be included on an investigation, though additional copies may be purchased.

Equipment Max limit Description
Spirit Box 2 Used to communicate with a ghost through questions.
Ghost Writing Book 2 Used to obtain Ghost Writing from a ghost.
EMF Reader 2 Can detect EMF presence in the area. Used to obtain EMF Level 5 evidence.
UV Flashlight 2 Used to reveal fingerprints and footprints created by ghosts.
Flashlight 4 Provides a basic source of light.
Video Camera 6 Creates a video feed, which is relayed to the van's computer. Used to detect Ghost Orbs.
Photo Camera 3 Used to take photos of various ghost interactions for additional profit.
D.O.T.S. Projector 2 Creates a field of green lights when placed. Used to detect D.O.T.S Projector evidence.

Optional equipment

This equipment must be purchased in the game's equipment store and will not be given by default. Purchased equipment will be lost if a player dies during an investigation.

Equipment Max limit Description
Candle 4 Used for optional objectives, and to provide light.
Crucifix 2 Prevents ghosts from hunting in a certain radius.
Glowstick 2 Functions identically to the UV Flashlight, albeit with a larger, spherical radius.
Head Mounted Camera 4 Can be equipped on a player's head. Will provide a video feed to the computer. Can be used to detect Ghost Orbs.
Lighter 2 Used to light Candles and Smudge Sticks. Can also be used on campfires in Maple Lodge Campsite.
Motion Sensor 4 Provides light when a ghost or player passes it. A signal is also provided to the Van.
Parabolic Microphone 2 Used to listen to paranormal sounds in a large range.
Salt Shaker 2 Places salt piles that ghosts can interact with to leave footprints.
Sanity Pills 4 Restores the consumer's sanity by a certain amount dependent on Difficulty.
Smudge Sticks 4 Used to prevent a ghost from hunting for a short period of time. Can also be used to slow down a hunt.
Sound Sensor 4 Detects near inaudible sounds in an area, and relays the data to the Van.
Strong Flashlight 4 A direct upgrade to the regular flashlight.
Thermometer 3 Displays the local temperature of a room. Can be used to detect Freezing Temperatures.
Tripod 5 Used as a mount for Video Cameras.

Van equipment

Equipment located in the van is stationary.

Equipment Description
Objective Board Displays all mandatory and optional objectives.
Site Map Provides a detailed map of the case location.
Sanity Monitor Provides a real time summary of all players sanity levels.
Site Activity Monitor Displays ghost activity any time a ghost performs an action. High levels indicate ghost events or hunts.
Computer Used to view onsite cameras, including active video cameras.
Sound Monitor Connects to Sound Sensors placed onsite. If sound is detected, it will be displayed on the monitor.

Cursed items/equipment

There are a few items found exclusively at the location that can provide a photo reward, and cannot be directly purchased.

Equipment Description
Bones Provides a bonus for picking it up or taking a photo. It is guaranteed to spawn onsite.
Haunted Mirror Used to find the ghost room at the cost of Sanity
Music Box Used to get the ghost to sing and broadcast its location.
Ouija Board Can be used to communicate with the ghost at the cost of sanity.
Summoning Circle Used to summon and trap the ghost, which will also be followed by a hunt.
Tarot Cards Provide different effects on the team and on any nearby ghost. Each deck comes with ten random cards.
Voodoo Doll Used to force the ghost to perform an interaction or Hunt.

Table of purchasable equipment

Table of equipment costs
Equipment Cost Default item? Max per investigation Cost to max item
D.O.T.S. Projector 65 Yes 2 65
EMF Reader 45 Yes 2 45
Flashlight 30 Yes 4 90
Photo Camera 40 Yes 3 80
Lighter 10 No 2 20
Candle 15 No 4 60
UV Flashlight 35 Yes 2 35
Crucifix 30 No 2 60
Video Camera 50 Yes 6 250
Spirit Box 50 Yes 2 50
Salt Shaker 15 No 2 30
Smudge Sticks 15 No 4 60
Tripod 25 No 5 125
Strong Flashlight 50 No 4 200
Motion Sensor 100 No 4 400
Sound Sensor 80 No 4 320
Sanity Pills 20 No 4 80
Thermometer 30 No 3 90
Ghost Writing Book 40 Yes 2 40
Parabolic Microphone 50 No 2 100
Glowstick 20 No 2 40
Head Mounted Camera 60 No 4 240

Removed equipment

Infrared Light Sensor

The infrared light sensor detected movement from both ghosts and players and would illuminate the area with a bright light, much like the current Motion Sensor. It however would not provide feedback to the van, nor count in the "Detect the Ghost with a Motion Sensor" objective. This item was removed in 0.3.0.


  • To buy enough equipment to bring the maximum amount to a contract, players will need to spend $2,480.
  • To buy one of each equipment, players will need to spend $875.