Evidence is used to determine which Ghost is haunting the Location. Each ghost has a unique combination of three pieces of evidence that determines which ghost is present. Each player can record pieces of evidence they've found via their in-game journal to determine the ghost.

Pieces of Evidence

There are currently six unique pieces of evidence in the game that can be used to identify a ghost:

EMF Level 5
Freezing Temperatures
Ghost Orb
Ghost Writing
Spirit Box

Ghost Evidence

The order of evidence in the journal does not matter.

Ghosts EMF Level 5 Fingerprints Freezing Temperatures Ghost Orb Ghost Writing Spirit Box
Banshee X X X
Demon X X X
Jinn X X X
Mare X X X
Oni X X X
Phantom X X X
Poltergeist X X X
Revenant X X X
Shade X X X
Spirit X X X
Wraith X X X
Yurei X X X

If you believe that some evidence will not appear then you can use this table to narrow down the list of potential ghosts. For example, if you have evidence of Fingerprints but not of Freezing Temperatures (and you do not expect to encounter Freezing Temperatures) then the table above narrows the list of suspected ghosts down to Poltergeist, Revenant, or Spirit.

It is possible to sort one of this table's columns and then afterwards to sort it by a second column without making the first column become out of order by holding down the shift key. This extends to consecutively sorting three or more columns. This sorting feature can be used to quickly find the list of suspected ghosts, such as in the example that was just given above.

Photo Evidence

In the game there are a number of items that count as photo evidence. Photo Evidence can be counted by taking a photo of certain items with the photo camera.

Items that count towards photo evidence:


There are tools available to quickly sort out which evidences are still possible.


  • Mobile Friendly This website has been optimised for use on mobile phones.
  • Secondary Evidence Lists traits that can help to identify a ghost.
  • Timer Has a timer.
  • Sync Can automatically synchronise multiple sessions.
  • History Keeps a total of how many ghosts you've found.
  • Probabilities Lists the probabilities of the ghost responding to each piece of evidence that remains to be found.
  • Maps Has maps of levels.
  • Phrases Lists phrases that players can ask the Ouija Board and Spirit Box.


  • The only Ghost that can be 100% confirmed with only two pieces of evidence is the Poltergeist (Fingerprints and Ghost Orbs).
  • It is not required to update all of the evidence options if the Ghost has already been conclusively determined; simply selecting the correct type of ghost is sufficient.
  • The Spirit Box and EMF Reader can be a powerful combination, as only the Yurei won't speak on the box or give a EMF reading of 5.

Ghost OrbSpirit BoxFingerprintsEMF Level 5Freezing TemperaturesGhost Writing
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