Image of Fingerprints on a door.

Fingerprints (or Handprints) are a type of Evidence created by Ghosts that help to indicate which type of Ghost is haunting the location. They are left behind by when they interact with the location's environment. You can see Fingerprints by using the UV Flashlight or the Glowstick.

How it Works

A ghost will leave behind Fingerprints when it interacts with the environment, the most reliable being the following:

  • Interacting with a door.
  • Interacting with a light switch.
  • Knocking on a window.

Other places where fingerprints can be found include:

  • On the bars of a cell door in the Prison map.

Note that when the ghost flickers the lights or touches the Fuse Box, they may not always leave behind Fingerprints.

Sometimes, ghosts can leave fingerprints in strange places, such as the outside of the windows at Brownstone High School, though this is likely due to being a bug.

Photographing Fingerprints

Fingerprints do not have to be visible when being photographed by a Photo Camera, and will be labeled as "Fingerprints" in the Journal. This may allow for Fingerprints to be discovered accidentally with an errant photograph. When Fingerprints evidence is suspected but can not be seen (e.g. small fingerprints on a cell door in Prison) , then one way to check for them is to take a photograph of the area and then look in the Journal for a photo labelled "Fingerprints."

Possible Ghosts

Banshee Fingerprints EMF Level 5 Freezing Temperatures
Poltergeist Fingerprints Ghost Orb Spirit Box
Revenant Fingerprints EMF Level 5 Ghost Writing
Spirit Fingerprints Ghost Writing Spirit Box
Wraith Fingerprints Freezing Temperatures Spirit Box

A fingerprint on a light switch


  • A rare glitch may occur when a ghost interacts with a door and turns on sink water at the same time, which causes the texture of the Fingerprint to encase the entire map, causing the UV Light to be able to see it when shone anywhere, though this also prevents the Fingerprint from being captured with a Camera.
  • Footprints, as opposed to fingerprints and handprints, DO NOT count as evidence.
  • The UV Flashlight does not necessarily need to light up the fingerprints for them to be seen. As long as the UV Flashlight is pointing directly at them, even through doors or walls (and within a certain range), they will be viewable. This can be effective for checking for fingerprints in the van, as the light from the flashlight will not be seen in night vision mode.

Ghost OrbSpirit BoxFingerprintsEMF Level 5Freezing TemperaturesGhost Writing
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