Flashlights are the primary source of illuminating dark and/or poorly-lit areas, or otherwise one would have to roam in pitch-black darkness and lose their sanity. Players have two types of flashlights available to utilize at their disposal: the normal flashlight and the strong flashlight. The normal flashlight provides enough light for players to navigate their way around buildings and identify their surroundings. The strong flashlight provides a much stronger coverage of illumination and makes both navigating and identifying much easier. You cannot carry both. You can bring 4 of these with you on a mission.

In desktop, you can activate the flashlight while holding another item. In VR, you can place an activated flashlight on your hip and it will still function. You can get creative with this, lay it on railings or tables or even illuminate an area hands free.

The flashlight can also be mounted as a shoulder flashlight by pressing "T" while holding other items as long as it is in your inventory. This allows players to use other equipment while still being able to see in front of them.

During a Hunt, the Flashlight will flicker on and off for the duration of the Hunt. As such, it is critical to have one for having a first warning of an active Hunt.


A comparison of the two flashlights. The strong flashlight is brighter and larger than the normal flashlight.

The strong flashlight is far brighter and larger than the normal flashlight.

Additional Tips

Extra flashlights can be dropped within dark areas of the map to provide uninterrupted illumination. This is especially helpful if a Ghost tampers with the lights and/or Fuse Box frequently.

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