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The fuse box or generator is found on maps, and may be turned on or off to power the lights. Ghosts can also activate the fuse box, shutting off the power of the location until it is reactivated.


Each map will always have one fuse box, and each map has multiple possible spawn locations for the fuse box. In Maple Lodge Campsite, a generator is used instead. The location of the fuse box is indicated on the Site Map except on Nightmare difficulty.

At the beginning of the game, the fuse box is turned on by default in Amateur difficulty, and turned off by default in all other difficulties. The player can turn on and off the fuse box by clicking on the red box, or in Maple Lodge Campsite, the generator. All ghosts have a chance of turning the fuse box on or off remotely, generating an EMF Level 2 reading. Jinns may also turn the fuse box on, but cannot turn it off. When a player or ghost turns off the fuse box, any light switches that were flicked on will remain on, but the lights will not give off light.

When the fuse box is turned on, a maximum number of lights can be turned on. The limit is 9 on small maps, 8 on medium maps and 7 on large maps. This refers to the number of light switches or lamps that can be turned on, and not the physical number of light bulbs or tubes that are turned on. If the limit is exceeded, the fuse box will turn off, as well as all light switches and lamps. Temperature is also affected by the fuse box's state. When it is on, the temperature within indoor areas will slowly rise to about 18°C (64.4°F).[verify] When it is off, the temperature will slowly drop to the ambient temperature, depending on the weather.

If the Fuse Box is turned on, the Jinn is able to use its powers. During a hunt, it will move faster towards distant targets, allowing it to easily close gaps with players that are running from it if it is actively chasing a player. A Jinn can also decrease all nearby players' sanity by 25% if it uses its ability. If the fuse box is turned off, it is unable to use both of these abilities.



  • The limit on the number of lights was added mainly to reduce framerate lag.[1]


Early Access Alpha
30 January 2020 Ghosts are now half as likely to turn off the fuse box.
12 March 2020 Ghosts are now more likely to turn off the fuse box.
20 March 2020 The Asylum's fusebox has been moved to near the top floor middle elevator.
27 May 2020 The fuse box is now displayed on the Site Map.
27 June 2020 The fuse box now has a random spawn location.
30 June 2020 Ghosts are now less likely to turn off the fuse box.
Early Access (Steam)
0.4.0 The fuse box now has two separate lights to indicate its power state.


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