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Ghosts are the main focus of Phasmophobia. Each ghost will have a set of unique characteristics, including personal identifiers, abilities, and evidences. Players must investigate some of these aspects to correctly identify the ghost. The ghost can interact with its environment or cause ghost events, and even attempt to kill the player by initiating hunts.


Each contract, one ghost will spawn within the map. The ghost will have a randomly-generated unique identity consisting of type of ghost, gender, name, age, length of death, personality (shyness), ghost room and a physical model that is determined at the start of each level. Most of its general behavior (such as movement, killing patterns, activity etc.) is based on the type of ghost, except for its willingness to respond to the spirit box in the presence of multiple people in the room, which is determined by its shyness.

After an exit door is opened for the first time, the ghost will be "activated" and be able to interact with the environment or the player. The ghost may stay in its place, roam or walk to another place, interact with objects and doors, use its abilities, initiate ghost events, and initiate hunts. Ghosts cannot exit the investigation area; they cannot walk out of the exit doors even if they are wide open.

It is important to note that certain phenomena often are generally not limited to one single type of ghost. For example, all ghosts can make Dirty Water appear in sinks, throw objects around in a room, manipulate doors, and present itself in any form. However, certain ghosts are more likely to exhibit certain behaviors than others. For example, a Poltergeist will be more likely to throw objects and can affect several at once. Also, no singular ghost model is tied to a type of ghost, meaning that their appearance should not be used to judge the type of ghost.

When a ghost manifests during a ghost event or in a hunt, it will produce a "vocalization" that can be heard by players within a 20 meter radius. If a player is within 20 meters of the ghost, and is in line-of-sight with it or within the same room, heartbeats can also be heard. Electronic equipment, such as flashlights and global chat, will malfunction within a 10 meter radius of the ghost. A ghost can be fully visible, appear as a shadow, or have a jelly/water-like appearance. Ghosts will appear in only its full form during hunts. Footsteps will also be heard when the ghost has manifested and is walking.

As of 0.5.0, there are at least seven male and five female sounds produced by the ghosts. There may be more that are not listed here:

For males:

  • Two variants of growling-like sounds
  • A very low croaking "ooh"
  • Three variants of breathing sounds; two of heavy, wheezy breathing and one of a lighter form of breathing
  • The ghost repeatedly saying words like "run", "help me" etc. in a raspy voice

For females:

  • A throat growling-like noise
  • Two variants of the ghost humming certain tunes
  • A weeping sound
  • A child's laughter

Types of ghosts

These are the types of ghosts currently in the game, along with a summary of their in-game descriptions.

Ghost type Strengths Weaknesses
Banshee Will target only one player at a time. Crucifix effectiveness is increased to 5m against one.
Demon Can initiate hunts more often. Using cursed possessions will lower sanity less.
Goryo Can only be seen interacting with D.O.T.S. through a camera when nobody is nearby. Tends to wander away less from its ghost room.
Hantu Lower temperatures allow the Hantu to move faster. Warmer areas slow the Hantu's movement.
Jinn Travels at faster speeds if its victim is far away. Cannot use its ability if the site's fuse box is off.
Mare Has an increased chance to attack in the dark. Turning the lights on will reduce the chance of an attack.
Myling Has quieter footsteps during a hunt. Produces paranormal sounds more frequently.
Obake May leave fingerprints that disappear quicker. Has a small chance of leaving six-fingered handprints.
Oni Increased activity and ghost events. An Oni's increased activity makes them easier to find.
Onryo A flame extinguishing can cause an Onryo to attack. The presence of flames reduces the Onryo's ability to attack.
Phantom Looking at a Phantom will lower the player's sanity considerably. Taking a photo of the Phantom will cause it to briefly disappear.
Poltergeist Capable of throwing multiple objects at once. Becomes powerless with no throwables nearby.
Raiju Moves faster near electrical devices. Disrupts electronic equipment from further away when it hunts.
Revenant Can travel significantly faster if a player is spotted during a hunt. Moves very slowly when not chasing a player.
Shade Being shy makes it more difficult to locate and obtain evidence. Less likely to hunt if multiple people are nearby.
Spirit None. Smudge sticks are more effective, preventing a hunt for longer.
The Mimic Can mimic the abilities and traits of other ghosts. Will present Ghost Orbs as a secondary evidence.
The Twins Either Twin may start a hunt, though not at the same time. Will often interact with the environment at the same time.
Wraith Does not leave UV footprints after stepping in salt. Will become more active if it steps in salt.
Yokai Talking near the Yokai will anger it, increasing the chance to attack. Can only hear voices close to it during a hunt.
Yurei Has a stronger effect on sanity. Smudging the Yurei's ghost room will reduce how often it wanders.


Please see Evidence or a ghost's page for detailed information about identifying different ghost types.

👻Ghost EMFReader Render.pngEMF 5 GhostOrb Sprite.pngOrb SpiritBox Ghost.pngSpirit Box Thermometer Render.pngFreezing Fingerprints 3.pngFingerprints ClosedBook Render.pngWriting
DOTS projector sprite.pngD.O.T.S Projector
Banshee GhostOrb Sprite.png Fingerprints 3.png DOTS projector sprite.png
Demon Thermometer Render.png Fingerprints 3.png ClosedBook Render.png
Goryo EMFReader Render.png Fingerprints 3.png DOTS projector sprite.png
Hantu GhostOrb Sprite.png Thermometer Render.png Fingerprints 3.png
Jinn EMFReader Render.png Thermometer Render.png Fingerprints 3.png
Mare GhostOrb Sprite.png SpiritBox Ghost.png ClosedBook Render.png
Myling EMFReader Render.png Fingerprints 3.png ClosedBook Render.png
Obake EMFReader Render.png GhostOrb Sprite.png Fingerprints 3.png
Oni EMFReader Render.png Thermometer Render.png DOTS projector sprite.png
Onryo GhostOrb Sprite.png SpiritBox Ghost.png Thermometer Render.png
Phantom SpiritBox Ghost.png Fingerprints 3.png DOTS projector sprite.png
Poltergeist SpiritBox Ghost.png Fingerprints 3.png ClosedBook Render.png
Raiju EMFReader Render.png GhostOrb Sprite.png DOTS projector sprite.png
Revenant GhostOrb Sprite.png Thermometer Render.png ClosedBook Render.png
Shade EMFReader Render.png Thermometer Render.png ClosedBook Render.png
Spirit EMFReader Render.png SpiritBox Ghost.png ClosedBook Render.png
The Mimic SpiritBox Ghost.png Thermometer Render.png Fingerprints 3.png
The Twins EMFReader Render.png SpiritBox Ghost.png Thermometer Render.png
Wraith EMFReader Render.png SpiritBox Ghost.png DOTS projector sprite.png
Yokai GhostOrb Sprite.png SpiritBox Ghost.png DOTS projector sprite.png
Yurei GhostOrb Sprite.png Thermometer Render.png DOTS projector sprite.png

The table above can be sorted by any column. It can then be sorted by a second column without making the first column go out of order (by holding down the shift key). This extends to consecutively sorting three or more columns.

Random characteristics

These characteristics are not dependent on the type of ghost, but are randomized for every ghost.


There is about a 50/50 chance of the ghost being either male or female.

Death length

The length of death of a ghost (i.e. the age it would have today if it were still alive) is a randomly generated number between 50 (overlapping with their death age between 50 and 90) and 1000 years.


The age of the ghost (at their time of death) is a randomly generated number between 5 and 90 years. Note that this is not correlated with the ghost model.


Whether a ghost is shy or not determines how it behaves around multiple players. If a ghost is indicated as shy, it will only respond to people who are alone. This characteristic is not indicated on Professional difficulty and higher and require players to determine the ghost's shyness on their own.

Ghost's name

The name of the ghost consists of their first (given) name and a surname. Their first name is determined randomly by their gender, while their surname is randomly chosen and not based on their gender. Speaking the ghosts' name will raise the ghost activity level and possibly cause it to interact with its surroundings.

All names in the game were included based on American name popularity in the past 100 years, making the same name frequency more realistic.

Possible male names

  • Charles
  • Christopher
  • Daniel
  • David
  • Donald
  • George
  • James
  • John
  • Joseph
  • Kenneth
  • Mark
  • Michael
  • Paul
  • Richard
  • Robert
  • Steven
  • Thomas
  • William

Possible female names

  • Barbara
  • Betty
  • Carol
  • Donna
  • Dorothy
  • Elizabeth
  • Helen
  • Jennifer
  • Karen
  • Linda
  • Lisa
  • Margaret
  • Maria
  • Mary
  • Nancy
  • Patricia
  • Ruth
  • Sandra
  • Susan

Possible surnames

  • Anderson
  • Brown
  • Clark
  • Davis
  • Garcia
  • Harris
  • Jackson
  • Johnson
  • Jones
  • Martin
  • Martinez
  • Miller
  • Moore
  • Robinson
  • Smith
  • Taylor
  • Thomas
  • Thompson
  • Williams
  • Wilson
  • White

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