Ghost Activity is activity attributed to the Ghost, which comprises the Ghost interacting with objects in the environment or with players.

Ghost Activity isn't related to the Hunt, with exception to the Banshee. Ghost Activity will emit different EMF depending on what action the Ghost takes. However, EMF Level 5 does not always mean danger.

How it Works

Ghost Activity has a higher chance of occurring on Amateur difficulty. Being near an Oni, using Salt on a Wraith, cleansing the Ghost Room with Smudge Sticks, and/or playing alone will increase the chance of Ghost Activity. Ghost Activity can also be enhanced by saying recognizable phrases while near the Ghost and in the Ghost Room. Ghost Activity constantly decays down to 0 when no activity occurs.

More specifically:

  • Activity level starts at 0 and never goes below 0.
  • Activity level is multiplied by 30x if the ghost is an Oni and there are people in the room with it.
  • Activity level is mutiplied by 50x if the ghost is a Wraith that has walked through Salt.
  • Activity level is 15% higher if playing alone (i.e. if there is exactly one player in the game).
  • Activity level is increased by 20-30 if a Smudge Stick is used within 6 meters of the ghost.
  • Activity level is increased by 10-25 if the ghost recognizes a phrase.
  • Every frame, the activity level is decreased by half the elapsed time since last frame was displayed.

To decide whether or not ghost activity occurs, a random number between 0 and 100 is generated (100 is for Amateur Difficulty, the value is 115 for Intermediate, and 130 for Professional), which if it is <= the activity level will result in a ghost activity occuring. These events include interacting with objects, appearing to players, going to the ghost room, turning the Fuse Box on or off, etc.

Types of Activity

  • Interacting with the local environment (doors, windows, light switches, etc).
  • Using its power.
  • Ghost Event (appearing).
  • Flickering lights.
  • Turning off the Fuse Box.
  • Whispering, sharp exhalations or vocal fry sounds near the player(s), the latter of which is usually accompanied by the Ghost physically manifesting.
  • Mimic, the ghost appears as one of the team members but black and disfigured. Is also seen with an angry face.
  • Activating objects around the area such as a radio, TV, car, etc., especially if the Ghost is a Jinn.
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