Phasmophobia Wiki

Ghost activity is activity attributed to the ghost, which comprises idle interaction as part of ghost events or direct response to the player(s) trying to communicate with the ghost.

Ghost activity is not related to the hunt, with exception of the Banshee. Ghost activity will generate different EMF levels, depending on what action the ghost takes.


Ghost activity (or more specifically, interactions) is tied to the difficulty, where Amateur has the most ghost activity, and Professional and Nightmare have the least ghost activity.

The following increases ghost activity:

  • Having at least one person in the same room as an Oni
  • Having a Wraith step in salt
  • Cleansing the nearby ghost with smudge sticks
  • Playing solo
  • Saying phrases that are recognised by the game

The following decreases ghost activity:

  • Having at least two people in the same room as a Shade

The randomness of the game may mean that players have a ghost who is very "shy" (i.e. no ghost activity) throughout the game, or very active, regardless of the ghost type. A ghost may also be very active in the earlier part of the session, and suddenly become very inactive for the remaining time.

Types of activity