Phasmophobia Wiki

"Paranormal investigators started using pen and paper as an alternative form of communication to the Spirit Box. It was later discovered that only certain types of Ghosts will write."

Ghost Writing is a piece of Evidence used to determine which ghost is haunting a location. It can be obtained by using a Ghost Writing Book with an applicable ghost.

How It Works

If Ghost Writing is a piece of evidence, the ghost has a 5/12 (about 41%) chance to interact with the Ghost Writing Book. You can increase the Ghost Activity in the room to increase the chance of this occurring.

Taking a photograph of the Ghost Writing Book after it has been written in with a Photo Camera will count as an Interaction for Photo Evidence.

There are six different types of Ghost Writing that a ghost can put in the book. Each has an equal chance of occurring and the type of writing does not narrow down the type of ghost any more than the fact that the ghost writes in the book at all.

If there are multiple books within the ghost room, they may have different types of writing.

Possible Ghosts

Demon Ghost Writing Fingerprints Freezing Temperatures
Mare Ghost Writing Ghost Orb Spirit Box
Myling Ghost Writing EMF Level 5 Fingerprints
Poltergeist Ghost Writing Fingerprints Spirit Box
Revenant Ghost Writing Freezing Temperatures Ghost Orb
Shade Ghost Writing EMF Level 5 Freezing Temperatures
Spirit Ghost Writing EMF Level 5 Spirit Box

Writing Patterns

D.O.T.S ProjectorEMF Level 5FingerprintsFreezing TemperaturesGhost OrbGhost WritingSpirit Box
Starter Equipment: D.O.T.S. ProjectorEMF ReaderFlashlightGhost Writing BookPhoto CameraSpirit BoxUV FlashlightVideo Camera
Optional Equipment: CrucifixCandleHead Mounted CameraGlow StickLighterMotion SensorParabolic Microphone
Salt ShakerSanity PillsSmudge SticksSound SensorStrong FlashlightThermometerTripod