"Some Ghosts are able to write inside this book if placed nearby."

Ghost Writing Book (also known as automatic writing) is Equipment used to obtain Ghost Writing by placing it near a Ghost.

How It Works

If Ghost Writing is an evidence for the ghost, there is about a 5/12 (about 41%) chance it will write in the Ghost Writing Book.

There are currently no special conditions under which a ghost will or will not write in the Ghost Writing Book. The ghost can write in the book regardless of if the lights are on or off, if the book is right-side-up or upside-down, or whether it is on the ground, in your hand, or in your inventory.

Once written in, the book can be photographed using a Photo Camera to receive credit for a ghost Interaction. The closer you are to the Ghost Writing Book, the more stars the photo will receive.


  • If placed within the vision of an active Video Camera, you can use the Video Feed in the truck to see if writing has appeared.
    • Note that you must take a picture of the Ghost Writing Book in person for it to count as Photo Evidence.

Possible Book Writings


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