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"Some Ghosts are able to write inside this book if placed nearby."

The Ghost Writing Book (also known as automatic writing) is a piece of Equipment used to obtain Ghost Writing by placing it near a Ghost.


A translucent preview of the Ghost Writing Book opened will appear when the player is aiming at a surface. The book must then be placed to allow a Ghost to write in it; the book cannot be written in if it is thrown on the ground or held in hand.

If Ghost Writing is an Evidence type for the ghost, the ghost has a chance of interacting with the book by writing in it. When this happens, the book will slightly levitate and the pen will start to frantically scribble on the pages visually and audibly, followed by the pen being thrown on the ground. The ghost can also interact by throwing or moving the book; this does not count as evidence. Each ghost has its own activity value that will determine its chance to interact with things around it (books, D.O.T.S, doors, items, etc.).

Once written in, the book can be photographed using a Photo Camera to receive photo points for a ghost Interaction.


  • If placed within the vision of an active Video Camera, you can use the Video Feed in the truck to watch Ghost Writing Books and see if Ghost writing is occuring. While it may be much more difficult to see if there are any markings in the pages on Camera, more observant players may check if the pen is missing from the book to determine if Ghost Writing has occured or not.
    • Note that you must take a picture of the Ghost Writing Book in-person for it to count as Photo Evidence.

Possible Writing Patterns



  • There is an equal chance of which kind of writing will go in the book if the ghost interacts with it. Getting a certain kind of ghost writing does not narrow down the type of ghost any more than the fact that it writes in the book at all.


Early Access Alpha
25 March 2020
(Part 2)
Added a Ghost Writing Book.
26 March 2020 Ghosts now have an increased chance of interacting with the book.
13 May 2020 Ghost Writing will now work in a lit room.
15 July 2020 Ghosts now have a further increased chance of interacting with the book.
19 August 2020 Ghost Writing Books can now be placed in a fashion similar to video cameras.
Early Access (Steam)
20 September 2020 Ghosts have a further increased chance of interacting with the book.
29 October 2020 Ghost Writing now counts as photo evidence.
0.3.0 The Ghost Writing Book model and patterns have been changed.
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