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Grafton Farmhouse is a small map in Phasmophobia, and one of the two variants of the Farmhouse, alongside Bleasdale Farmhouse. This two-story farmhouse has a spacious ground floor with relatively large rooms, and a smaller top floor with smaller rooms and a storage room.


Grafton Farmhouse includes 4 bedrooms (including 1 nursery), a dining room, a storage room, and a workshop, among other rooms.

This map has 4 Teddy Bears.

Layout tips

  • The Master Bedroom consists of the bedroom itself, the attached bathroom, and the closet. The game treats these three "sub-rooms" as a single room.
  • The Twin Bedroom also covers the attached closet area.
  • The room named Storage is upstairs, adjacent to Upstairs Bedroom. The room behind the Kitchen is called Workshop.

See Third-party tools for a list of detailed map viewers that players may use.

Key hiding spots and strategies

There is 1 set of lockers in Grafton. Organic hiding spots are also available in several rooms. Depending on the difficulty, 6 of these hiding spots may be blocked by the presence of bulky items or their concealing elements removed:

  • Amateur: None
  • Intermediate: ≤ 3
  • Professional: ≤ 4
  • Nightmare: ≤ 5

Looping the ghost may be performed around the kitchen island. The ghost can also be looped around the shared walls of the kitchen, dining room, foyer, and living room.

Bone locations

Bones generally spawn randomly, though there is a slight bias for them to spawn closer to the middle of a room.


Cursed possession locations