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This mirror made me feel...weird.

Objective Board

The haunted mirror is a cursed possession that can be used to locate the favourite room.


Mirror usage

The mirror showing the ghost room

Cursed Mirror Cracked

A broken haunted mirror

A haunted mirror has a 1 in 7 chance per contract of being chosen as the cursed possession that will spawn on a default difficulty, with one specific spawn location per map.

Activation and usage[]

The mirror can be toggled (default: right click on mouse) while inside the investigation area. It will be automatically deactivated when brought outside.

When activated, the haunted mirror will show a view of a part of the favourite room as a sweeping panorama, allowing players to locate the room by cross-reference. This view is a live feed of the room, so any lights turned on, items moved, and equipment or players present in the room will be visible. The only exception is the player's own model.

The mirror also gives a faint glow to see into the favourite room, which all players, including the user, can see, even outside of the mirror. This can help confirm rooms, as well as help other players know where the favourite room is.

Each usage of the haunted mirror drains sanity at a rate of 7.5%/s, or 20% per use, whichever is higher. This means that using the mirror for less than ~2.67 seconds will still drain at least 20% sanity. This includes the animation of raising, but not lowering, the mirror.

The mirror will crack visually and audibly, triggering a cursed hunt if:

  • The user's sanity reaches 0% while looking into the mirror
  • A player activates the mirror while below 20% sanity

Once broken, the mirror will lower and cannot be used again.

Photo rewards[]

Taking a photo of a haunted mirror, cracked or not, will yield a photo labelled as Haunted Mirror, and reward up to $5 and 5XP, depending on the distance it was taken from.


  • If the "Eye Adaption" option is on, the player's vision will be significantly darkened for a short while after lowering down the mirror.


Early Access (Steam)
0.5.0 Added Haunted Mirror as a cursed possession. The mirror's view into the favourite room will now keep rotating instead of resetting on every use. The mirror now drains at least 20% sanity per use. The Haunted Mirror will now correctly break straight away if you do not have enough sanity (20%).