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The Head Mounted Camera is a piece of Equipment in Phasmophobia. It serves as a portable Video Camera, and can be used to help teams track each other and to see Ghost Orbs.


When Head Mounted Cameras are added to the game, they will spawn on a cork board near the back of the van. Picking up the cameras will put them on the player's head; they can be placed back at any time while having an empty hand. These cameras do not take up an inventory slot, and act as a regular video camera when worn, providing a Video Feed in the van. They move with the player and look in the direction the player's model is facing at the time. Although useless when playing alone, they can be handy in a team with an observer in the van.

Head Mounted Cameras do not attract the Ghost during Hunts and will not power the Raiju's ability.

Like with regular video cameras, Head Mounted Cameras can switch between visual and night-vision modes, and can be used to detect Ghost Orbs when in night-vision mode. They are also handy for monitoring players who have to be alone to get Ghost responses, such as when using a Spirit Box, and are very useful for guiding players around larger maps, especially in the dark, since the player in the truck can see with night-vision mode even if all the lights in the location are out, as well as having access to the Site Map.

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