An Infrared Light Sensor that detects both human and paranormal movement.

How It Works

When set off, the Infrared Light Sensor will illuminate the surrounding area with a bright light. In smaller locations, four of these can be placed on each of the walls of the Ghost Room to keep the room fairly well-lit when the Ghost is in the room, allowing for the room to have illumination when the lights are out. These can also be used as "waypoints" in larger maps, placing them at turns or intersections to light up when a player comes near, and for navigation in the dark should the breaker be tripped.

The Infrared Light Sensor does not provide feedback to the Van, nor does it count for the "Detect ghost with a motion sensor" Optional Objective.

Known Bugs

  • Placing a Infrared Light Sensor and picking it up with another item held out while its emitting light will force it to stay on. It will also stay on during a hunt.

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