Phasmophobia Wiki

An Interaction is an action caused by the Ghost. Pictures of interactions are valid Photo Evidence and will be listed as "Interaction" in the Journal.

Interactions happen more frequently on average than Ghost Events and include:

Type of interaction Obtaining photo evidence
Phone (wall-mounted, rotary dial-type or smartphone) ringing Take a picture of the object
A radio (not the Spirit Box) turning on or off
The Ouija Board's planchette moving after a successful question
Fuse Box turning on or off
A musical instrument being played.
A rocking chair rocking by itself
Car alarm being set off TBD
A television or the computer monitor found in the bedroom of Tanglewood Street House turning on or off TBD
Items being moved and pictures falling off walls Take a picture where the item initially was (not the item itself)
Lights being turned on or off Take a picture of the light switch. Will count as Fingerprints instead if they are left on the switch. This currently does not work.
Doors being opened or closed, whether slightly or completely TBD. Will count as Fingerprints instead if they are left on the door and it is the first time that that particular fingerprint is being taken.
A shower running TBD

Interactions will cause an EMF 2 or EMF 3 reading for 20 seconds, depending on the type of interaction. If the ghost has EMF 5 as once of its evidences, each reading has a 25% chance individually to be EMF 5 instead. Taking a picture of the interaction as close as possible will help to obtain more stars and hence more "points", but going too close may cause the interaction to be out of frame, giving no reward.