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A Jinn is a territorial ghost that will attack when threatened. It has also been known to travel at significant speed.

The Journal[src]

The Jinn is one of 21 types of ghosts in Phasmophobia. The Jinn can be somewhat comparable to Revenants in terms of its chasing ability.


During a hunt, when a Jinn enters the "chasing" mode by spotting a player, it will travel to them at a higher speed of 2.5 m/s,[note 1] until they are within 2 metres of the player. They will then pursue the player at the standard ghost speed.

The Jinn has another ability, that when used, will lower the sanity of all players within a certain range by 25%. There is a currently unknown and very specific way to tell that this has occurred (other than checking the Sanity Monitor), concerning the Fuse Box.

For the Jinn to be able to use its abilities, the fuse box must be turned on. If the fuse box is not turned on, it cannot use either ability. Whether there are lights turned on or not does not affect this.

A Jinn cannot turn off a breaker directly through interacting with it. It can still turn it off indirectly by turning on a light to exceed the limit on the number of lights that can be turned on.

There is a popular myth claiming the Jinn will interact with electronics often rather than other interactions; this is not true. A Jinn has an equal chance of interacting with anything nearby.


Journal quote

Strength: A Jinn will travel at a faster speed if its victim is far away.

Weakness: Turning off the location's power source will prevent the Jinn from using its ability.


A Jinn can be identified using its speed abilities. The fuse box should be turned on, and a player should wait in a large or long room for the ghost to hunt, with smudge sticks ready. The player should stand far away from where the ghost is expected to enter the room, with line-of-sight all the way through. When the ghost appears, observe whether it instantly gains speed to chase the player, then smudge it and escape. Repeat the test but with the fuse box off. If the ghost now chases the player at a slower speed, it is likely a Jinn. Note that the Revenant will also gain speed upon seeing a player, though this can be further differentiated by listening to its footsteps when not chasing a player, to see if it is moving slowly or at a normal speed.

Turning off the location's breaker will prevent the Jinn from using its abilities. However, this will render the map's electrical lights inactive, thus leading to the players' sanity draining in the dark. Players will need to decide if preventing the Jinn from using its ability is worth dealing with more frequent hunts as a result of lower average sanity.



Early Access Alpha
2 February 2020 The ability of the Jinn has been changed from affecting the weather to running if its target is also running.
7 March 2020 Jinns now have a faster running speed.
10 August 2020 Jinns will no longer turn the fuse box off.
24 August 2020 The ability of the Jinn has been changed to having a faster speed the further away its target is.
Early Access (Steam)
0.3.0 The evidence for Jinn has been changed to EMF 5, Fingerprints, and Freezing Temperatures.
0.5.0 The Jinn now has a slightly higher chasing speed and a shorter player gap in which it slows down.


  1. This is an estimated value.
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