Phasmophobia Wiki
Tanglewood hallway
Grafton foyer

From top: the 6 Tanglewood Drive foyer, the Grafton Farmhouse foyer, and the Maple Lodge Campsite campfire area.

In Phasmophobia, players can visit several maps to execute a contract. Each investigation area is accessible after collecting and using the Main Door Key. Maps will come with a randomized weather type, which will be determined by a 1/7 chance for each of the 7 types.


Phasmophobia currently has a total of 13 maps, comprising 8 small maps, 3 medium maps and 2 large maps.




Removed Maps[]


The map type affects money and experience gain, sanity drain, and light limits. Most maps require the player to reach a certain level to unlock them. One can play on a map they have yet to unlock by joining the lobby of another player that has unlocked that map.

Potential future maps[]

As of October 2021, the developers have stated that introducing new maps is currently at the bottom of the priority list.[2] Previously mentioned maps included an Apartment Building, a Mansion, and a Sewers,[3] but these have since been scrapped (i.e. not currently planned).[4]