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From top: the Tanglewood Street House Training foyer, the Grafton Farmhouse foyer, and the Maple Lodge Campsite campfire area.

In Phasmophobia, players can visit several maps to execute a contract. Each investigation area is accessible after collecting and using the Main Door Key. Maps will come with a randomized weather type, which will be determined by a 1/5 chance for each of the 5 types.





Potential future maps

As of October 2021, the developers have stated that introducing new maps is currently at the bottom of the priority list.[1] Previously mentioned maps included an apartment building, a mansion, and a sewers,[2] but these have since been scrapped.[3]

  • A silhouette of a lighthouse can be seen from the dock of Maple Lodge Campsite; the April Fools' changelog also joked about having a lighthouse as a map. Whether a new lighthouse map will actually be added has not been confirmed, and there is no significant evidence that one will be added.