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Maple Lodge Campsite is a map in Phasmophobia, being the game's third medium map and currently the only predominantly-outdoors location. The map is a spacious campsite with multiple tents, as well as a restroom-building, and a two-story cabin next to a lake.

Its organic layout and unique setting create a stark contrast to the geometric and more familiar mechanics of the "traditional" indoors maps. Even more experienced players might find themselves lost and confused, as things such as finding the ghost room or locating Fingerprints might not be as intuitive, requiring more proactive search.

Additionally, being mainly outdoors, weather will play a major factor during investigations. Heavy rain will prevent the usage of candles and other open flames, while strong winds might hinder the hearing of sound cues (such as items being thrown or the ghost's vocalizations while it is hunting).


  • The Fuse Box (generator) has five possible spawn locations:
    • On the east corner outside the lodge.
    • At the side of the tent south of the campfire.
    • South-east corner behind the restrooms.
    • North of the northern-most white tent.
    • West of the northern-most white tent.
  • The campfire can be lit using a candle or lighter, unless the weather is heavy rain. It will extinguish after a while like candles.
  • There is a shortcut path from the entrance area to the campfire left of the Blue Tent.
  • Unlike regular doors, the tent flaps will not block line of sight with the ghost if they are not fully closed, even if the player holds them up so it completely hides their model.
  • The key to the cabin can be found under the mat near its door.
  • Fingerprints can currently appear on the following items and surfaces:
    • On the colored tents around the doors
    • At the base of the lanterns inside the tents
    • On the string light poles and their switches
    • On picnic benches
    • On small tents
    • On cooler boxes
    • On the log seating
  • There are few places to loop a ghost during a hunt, the best of them currently considered to be the restroom building, being mindful of the generator if it spawns there.
  • The player can drop down from the front porch of the cabin, however, the ghost cannot do the same. This is especially useful in cases where the player finds themselves cornered by a chasing ghost on the porch; if the player lures the ghost at the end of the porch opposite from the stairs and jumps down just before it reaches them, the player will gain significant terrain over the ghost as it will have to take a large detour to reach the stairs.
  • The toilet stalls inside the restroom building offer a very good hiding spot as the ghost will never wander into the stall themselves unless the player attracts its attention.
  • The ghost can see the player on the cabin's balcony from the picnic area; be mindful of this when hiding.


Maple Lodge Campsite Map.jpg
The location is the only Site Map with detailed satellite-visuals in the Van.
Labelled Maple Lodge Campsite Map.png
Labelled Maple Lodge Campsite Map
Cabin First Floor.pngCabin Second Floor.png
Labelled lodge map

See Third-party tools for a list of detailed map viewers that players may use.

Bone locations

Bones may spawn anywhere within the investigation area, including paths, tents, and the cabin. Bones may also generate under or within bushes, making the bone easy to miss. Players can exercise prudence when looking for the bone.


Cursed possession locations

Easter eggs

There are a few hidden Easter Eggs which can be found on the map:

  • Jason Voorhees Mask - Walking out to the edge of the pier will make a mask of Jason Voorhees float to the surface.
  • Slenderman - On a road near the van and in several other areas outside the map, Slenderman may be found. This is a one-third chance per game to spawn.
  • Corpse - A dead body can be found under the cabin, referred to by one of the inscriptions found on the walls of the lobby during the 2021 Halloween event.
  • Blair Witch Twig Doll - At the fence by the campfire a Twig Doll is hanging, which is a reference to the Blair Witch Project stick figures.
  • Toilet Heart - A written heart can be seen on toilets in the restroom building, which is believed to be a reference to the movie 'Saw'.


Winter Fairy Lights
Winter themed fairy/string lights during the 2021 Christmas event.


  • Candles and lighters cannot be lit in Male Toilets with Heavy Rain weather; this is believed to be a bug.
  • The map's name 'Maple' came from developer cjdxn's cat's name called 'Mayple'.
  • The map will always have seasonal decorations for each festive event.


Early Access (Steam)
0.4.0 Maple Lodge Campsite is added as a map. A new path has been created from the entrance to the campfire area.