Phasmophobia Wiki

Screengrab from the stats section of the main lobby whiteboard.

Money in Phasmophobia is used to purchase equipment to bring on investigations.


Each player starts off with $0, and can earn money through finishing contracts, or selling off previously bought items. Money is used solely to purchase equipment, and will not interfere with any other gameplay mechanic or grant any other bonus to players. There is no soft limit on the amount of money one may have.

The amount of money the player has is listed on the main menu to the left of the whiteboard, or in the item store, which is accessible from the main menu or by clicking the Buy button when in a server lobby.

Purchasing items

Players may purchase the following items from the item store:

Item store
Purchasable item Price Purchasable item Price
EMF Reader $45 Tripod $25
Flashlight $30 Strong Flashlight $50
Photo Camera $40 Motion Sensor $100
Lighter $10 Sound Sensor $80
Candle $15 Sanity Pills $20
UV Flashlight $35 Thermometer $30
Crucifix $30 Ghost Writing Book $40
Video Camera $50 Spirit Box $50
Parabolic Microphone $50 Salt Shaker $15
Glowstick $20 Smudge Sticks $15
Head Mounted Camera $60 D.O.T.S. Projector $65

Earning money

A contract payment summary on the whiteboard of the server lobby after finishing an amateur game.

Players gain money depending on the objectives they complete and additional secondary evidence that they find:

Money rewards summary
Task Money rewarded
Objective 1 Small map $10
Medium map $30
Large map $50
Objective 2 $10
Objective 3 $10
Objective 4 $10
Photos $0-$40
Bone evidence $10

A summary of all the money earned in a game will be displayed on the contract payment board after completing a contract.

The amount of money gained is then multiplied by the difficulty multiplier:

  • Amateur: 1x
  • Intermediate: 2x
  • Professional: 3x
  • Nightmare: 4x

If the player is dead when the investigation ends, the difficulty multiplier is not applied, and the money earned is halved instead. If a player is revived by Tarot Cards and is still alive at the end of the contract, they will receive the normal payout. If all players die in a multiplayer game, no money will be earned, except for any insurance payout.


If a player is dead when the investigation ends, all equipment that they added to the mission is lost. Insurance will reimburse dead players with a portion of the money spent on purchasing those items. The percentage of money paid out is dependent on the difficulty of the contract:

Difficulty Money refunded
Amateur 50% of the value of all the added items
Intermediate 25% of the value of all the added items

Insurance money is not multiplied by the difficulty multiplier.


  • Picking up the bone and taking a picture of the bone are not the same. Each one of these actions rewards the player with money but they are not linked one to another. This means that the player can pick up the bone for the money or take a picture for the money without doing the other action. The picture of the bone will be registered in the Pictures section of the game summary, and picking up the bone will be registered in the Bone evidence category.
  • Insurance payout is not affected by whether a photo of the dead player's body is taken.


  • Given that the game is set in the United States, it is implied that the currency used is the US Dollar.