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The Monkey Paw is a cursed possession that can be used to grant the player wishes.


A Monkey Paw has a 1 in 7 chance per contract of being chosen as the cursed possession that will spawn on a default difficulty (except Insanity), with one specific spawn location per map. The Monkey Paw grants up to a certain number of wishes depending on the difficulty reward multiplier:

  • 0x – 1.99x: 5 wishes
  • 2x – 2.99x: 4 wishes
  • 3x or higher: 3 wishes

The Monkey Paw can only be used within the investigation area, and players can choose to either use voice chat or a text-based UI to make wishes.

  • If using voice chat, the Monkey Paw will grant any recognized wish made by the player.
  • If using the text-based UI, the UI will appear upon activation (default: right click on mouse). Players can then click to select one of 3 categories, then select a category-specific wish, or exit the UI by deactivating (default: right click on mouse) it.

Every wish will come with a negative side effect, with the severity depending on the wish.

If the Monkey Paw recognizes a valid phrase, either it be a wish or not, or when entering/exiting the investigation area, its fingers will twitch. When a wish is being granted, one of its fingers will bend. When all fingers are bent, the Monkey Paw cannot be used anymore.

Most wishes can be found on tags scattered in Sunny Meadows. Picking a tag up (except for weather and anything wishes) will record the wish in the journal. There is no need to find the wishes to use the Monkey Paw. Each wish can only be used once per contract.


Category Wish Effects Sunny Meadows wish location
  • I wish to see the ghost
Triggers a summoning ghost event at the ghost's current location. After 5 seconds, the ghost will disappear and begin a cursed hunt while the user's vision is obscured with a dark fog. The user's vision will return to normal once a hunt ends.[note 1] Manager Office
  • I wish for activity
  • I wish the ghost would do something
Doubles all ghost activity for 2 minutes (including throws, doors, roaming, abilities, etc.). The fuse box will break permanently, and the exit door will be locked for 2 minutes. Chapel
  • I wish the ghost was trapped
  • I wish to trap the ghost
Teleports the ghost to its favourite room and locks all of its doors for 1 minute. During this period, the ghost cannot hunt, roam, or use abilities. This will also lock all doors of the user's current room for 1 minute, including the exit door if it's connected. After this period, all doors will unlock and the ghost will start a standard hunt. There is a 25% chance for doors to unlock only after the grace period. Female Dorm Room
  • I wish for sanity
  • I wish to be sane
Sets every player to 50% sanity. Passive sanity drain will be multiplied by 1.5 for the remainder of the contract, and the ghost's favourite room will be set to a random room. Kitchen
  • I wish to be safe
Unblocks the nearest blocked hiding spot. The lights in the user's current room will shatter, and for the rest of the contract the ghost will be able to hear the player who called upon the wish and sense their active electronics at any distance (including from different floors). Matron Office 1
  • I wish to leave
Unlocks all exit doors at any time, including during hunts. The user's speed will be reduced before slowly returning over 5 seconds. Their vision will also be reduced for this duration. Hospital Wing
  • I wish for life
  • I wish to revive my friend
Revives a deceased player, with a 50% chance of causing the wisher's death. This wish cannot be used if no player is dead.[note 2] Classroom
  • I wish for knowledge
Eliminates one incorrect piece of evidence and its associated ghost types from the journal. The ghost then initiates a cursed hunt in proximity to the user. During this period, the user's vision is covered in a dark fog, and their hearing will be muffled. These effects persist until either death or the end of the contract. Restricted Area
I wish for [weather]
  • Clear Sky
  • Fog
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Sun
Changes the weather as desired. This will cause a temporary blindness effect while the weather changes and deduct 25% sanity from the user. Wishing for rain has a 50/50 chance of granting either light or heavy rain. This wish cannot be used if the user has less than 25% sanity. Morgue
  • I wish for anything
Randomly grants one of the (unused) wishes above. Waiting Room


Due to the game's voice recognition system, some sentences may be interpreted as valid wishes, including silly wishes.

Examples include "I wish for infinite wishes" which may be misheard as "I wish for sun". Sometimes the wishes "I wish to be sane" and "I wish to be safe" can be misheard as the other wish.

Photo rewards[]

Taking a photo of a Monkey Paw, regardless of the number of uses, will yield a photo labelled as Monkey Paw, and reward up to $5 and 5XP, depending on the distance it was taken from.


  • The Monkey Paw is one of the most versatile cursed items in the game, and can assist players in the completion of most objectives, especially as players can control when and where to employ its effects in order to quickly reach safety.
  • If not using the text UI, the Monkey Paw is always active when held. Be careful when speaking while holding it as you may accidentally call upon a wish.
    • This is especially notable when using push-to-talk, as there are bugs that make the Monkey Paw listen to the player even if no voice chat button is being pressed.
  • The vision loss from wishes is very significant, making it near impossible for a player afflicted by it to see more than a meter or so in front of them. While this can be partially circumvented by setting game brightness to a very high value, the affected player will be more or less rendered helpless and will need to be guarded accordingly.


  • The Monkey Paw was available as official merchandise for a limited time, until 3 July 2024 (UK time).
  • When wishing for sanity, the ghost room will always change, although the same room can be chosen again. Also, the ghost doesn't teleport immediately to the new ghost room, but will have to enter the "Favourite room" state to walk to its new room, which usually happens shortly after wishing. Tier III salt can be used to deter this.


Early Access (Steam) Added Monkey Paw.
0.9.0 “I wish to see the ghost” will no longer teleport the ghost in front of you, instead it will reveal it where the ghost is, in its current position.
0.10.0 "I wish to see the ghost" will now limit the user's vision after the ghost event instead of before.


  1. Due to a bug, the obscured vision will still appear if the hunt is prevented with a tier III crucifix. The only way to get rid of the effect is to wish for a different weather. An example of this can be found here.
  2. Due to a bug, this wish will sometimes not work (i. e. the wish not taking effect, but still reducing the number of wishes by one).