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The Motion Sensor is a piece of Equipment that can help in tracking the movement of the Ghost.


A motion sensor can used by placing it on the wall or floor. The Motion Sensor also displays on the Site Map in the Van as a red bar, indicating its effective detection distance. The motion sensor will not work if it is dropped on the ground.

When a player, ghost, or dead player walks past the front of it, the motion sensor will illuminate the immediate area with a bright light. The bar on the Site Map inside the truck will also turn green temporarily, and an audible beep will play from the monitor.


  • The motion sensor must be below eye-height to work. Placing it around waist-height is the safest way to go.
  • Putting a motion sensor on every exit from a hall next to where the ghost has been detected can speed up tracking its movement around the location.



Objective Actual requirements
Detect a ghost presence with a motion sensor Have the ghost walk past the motion sensor, triggering it


Early Access Alpha
29 January 2020 The motion sensor sound is removed to add more use to the monitors.[verify]
12 March 2020 The 5th and 6th montion sensor icons have been removed from the monitor in the van.
13 March 2020 Motion sensors no longer detect entities through walls.
20 March 2020 Motion sensors now have an outline to indicate where it will be placed.
21 March 2020 VR players can now place motion sensors from a greater distance.
19 May 2020 The motion sensor monitor in the van has been replaced with a map of the building for Tanglewood, Ridgeview and Edgefield maps. Motion sensors will show their detections on the map.
20 May 2020 Motion sensors will now stay activated on the map for 6 seconds, up from 2 seconds.
The width of the bar on the motion sensor has been doubled to improve visiblity.
19 June 2020 Motion sensors are now level-locked.
27 June 2020 Motion sensors can now only be unlocked at level 6.
12 August 2020 Motion sensors can now be picked up after they have already been placed on a wall.
The cost of motion sensors has been increased from $70 to $100.
Early Access (Steam)
29 September 2020 The motion sensor bar on the map monitor now shows up as red instead of pink.
0.3.0 The motion sensor model has been updated.
The function of the Infrared Light Sensor has been merged into the motion sensor; motion sensors now emit light when an entity walks past it.
0.4.0 Motion sensors can now be placed on the floor.
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