The Motion Sensor is a purchasable support item. It is the most expensive piece of equipment in the game, costing $100, but it can be very handy when tracking the movement of the Ghost, providing a visual and audio cue when the ghost moves through it. The Motion Sensor also displays on the Site Map, allowing for the Ghost's movement to be detected from the safety of the Van.

They will be triggered by both the Ghost and players, so it is important to check the map if a member of the team recently passed through one. The green light will also light up instead of the red when a motion sensor is triggered.

Objectives requiring the use of motion sensor:

  • Detect a Ghosts presence with a motion sensor.


  • The motion sensor must be below eye-height to work. Placing it around waist-height is the safest way to go.
  • Dead players will trigger the motion sensor.
  • Putting a motion sensor on every exit from a hall next to where the ghost has been detected can speed up tracking its movement around the house.
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