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Example of an objective board

The Objective Board can be found in the starting van players spawn in, opposite of the computer and adjacent to the Site Activity Monitor and Sound Sensor Screen.

With the exception of the tutorial mission, it will always display 4 objectives and a paragraph with information about the ghost, such as its name and whether the ghost responds to everyone or only people that are alone (on Professional and Nightmare difficulties, information on how the ghost responds to multiple people is not provided). Once an objective has been completed, the text on the board will become grayed out.


The objectives provided are entirely optional, even ignored altogether (forfeiting experience and cash rewards from them), and can be done in any order.

The first objective on the list will always be to discover the type of ghost haunting the premises. This objective is individual to each player and each player must fill in the correct ghost type in their Journal to obtain a reward. The base reward received from the first objective is $10 for small maps, $30 for medium maps and $50 for large maps.

The other three objectives are generated randomly and are akin to "side missions", such as getting the ghost to walk through salt or capturing a photo of the ghost. These can be completed during the mission and will be greyed out on the board once done. These three objectives will also be listed in the journal.

Objective description Condition for completion Recommended strategy Notes
Find evidence of paranormal activity with an EMF Reader The EMF Reader goes to level 2 or higher. Either look for the ghost room with an EMF reader, or if you know where the ghost already is, leave the EMF reader on inside the room and throw a few items around it for the ghost to interact with. A player doesn't have to be present when the EMF Reader goes off for the objective to be completed.
Capture a photo of the ghost Use the Photo Camera to take a photo of a ghost either manifesting or hunting other players. Try to anger the ghost and have it manifest or enter a hunting phase, but make sure to keep an escape route or a hiding spot. It's easier to make the ghost hunt with lower sanity. During a hunt, the ghost will flicker in and out of view, making it more difficult to take a picture of versus a manifestation.
Taking a photo of the ghost on the monitor does not count.
Detect a ghost's presence with a Motion Sensor The ghost must trigger a placed Motion Sensor. Place motion sensors into doorways or hallways the ghost might roam through and onto walls of the ghost room. A Motion Sensor needs to be of a certain height on a wall to function. Eye level is sufficient, though around waist height is the most reliable.
Prevent the ghost from hunting with a Crucifix A crucifix must be placed in an area where the ghost may manifest. If the cross is withing the range of the ghost trying to enter a hunt phase, it will be prevented and the ghost will not start hunting. As trying to enter a hunt is a dangerous move, make sure to frequently consult your Journal to see if the objective has been completed.
Following the ghost around (either having someone track its audio readings with a Parabolic Microphone or with Motion Sensors placed around the room) with a crucifix held in-hand is the best way to ensure that the crucifix is close enough to work when the ghost starts to hunt. This is especially useful when the ghost is located in rooms where two crucifixes may not cover the entire area that it can wander within.
For Banshee, the crucifix area is nearly doubled (5 meters).
Have a member of your team witness a Ghost event A player must be present in a room where a ghost event is taking place. Drawing Tarot Cards labeled The Devil or summoning the ghost with a Summoning Circle can force a ghost event to occur. Otherwise, ghost events only occur if a player is near the ghost.
Cleanse the area near the ghost using Smudge Sticks Light Smudge Sticks near the ghost with a lighter or a candle. Cleansing the area is one of the last things you should do, since smudging prevents the ghost from manifesting or hunting. Using Smudge Sticks against the ghost during a hunt will also complete this objective[verify].
Get a Ghost to walk through Salt The ghost must step in salt that has been placed previously by a player using a Salt Shaker. Leaving salt in choke points such as doorways or hallways will make the ghost more likely to step in it. Placing salt right around corners and turns will also increase the chance of the ghost stepping into them. This is because the ghost is programmed to take the shortest possible route to its next waypoint (or target), which means it will usually hug corners and take tight turns when wandering. The pile of salt will have an obvious mark in it after being stepped on by the ghost. The ghost does not need to leave Footprints for the objective to count.
Repel the Ghost with a Smudge Stick while it's chasing someone The Ghost must be stunned with a smudge stick while hunting a member of the team. Prepare a smudge stick beforehand, waiting at choke points like the end of the hallway/stairwell/doorways, wait for the ghost to approach enough and light the Smudge Sticks. The Smudge Stick will stun the ghost for 5 seconds, causing it to wander. A player (not necessarily the one holding/using the Smudge Stick) must be within 6 meters of the ghost when the Smudge Stick is either first lit or when it goes out about 6 seconds later (the game only checks if the ghost is within range these 2 times).
It sometimes does not complete if the ghost is on stairs.
It is not necessary for the player or ghost to be in the ghost room, so consider waiting at a location of your choosing where you can more easily break line-of-sight with the ghost to escape or hide.
This objective is only available on Professional difficulty or higher.
Get the Ghost to blow out a Candle Light a candle for the ghost to blow out in the investigation area. Place multiple candles in the ghost room and keep a lighter handy. Candles that spawn as part of the map also count for this objective.
Have a member of the team escape the Ghost during a Hunt At least one player has to be seen by the ghost, and all players must survive the hunt. Give the ghost a small amount of time to chase a player, then stun it using Smudge Sticks and reach a hiding spot. All team members must survive, but only one needs to escape. The ghost must actually start chasing the player for the objective to count, whether or not using Smudge Sticks to do so.
This objective is only available on Intermediate difficulty or harder.
Get an average sanity below 25% Reduce the average sanity number to 25%. Repeated use of the Ouija Board is a very reliable way to lose sanity in a timely manner. This objective is only available in a game with 2 or more players.

Removed objectives

  • Taking a photo of Dirty Water. Removed due to the very low probability of this specific event to happen during a game.
  • Getting a temperature below 10°C. Removed due to the changes made to the temperature mechanic.
  • Detect Ghost footsteps with a parabolic mic during a hunt. This objective was limited to some beta test versions.


  • Before version 0.174, completed tasks were crossed out, instead of greyed out.

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