Objectives serve as main goals in investigations. There are always 4 of them, and each team member gets $10 (multiplied by Difficulty bonus) for each successfully completed task. There are several objectives that cannot be finished with starter equipment.

List of Objectives

  • Discover what type of Ghost we are dealing with
  • Have a member of your team witness a Ghost Event
  • Capture a photo of the Ghost
  • Find evidence of the paranormal with an EMF Reader
  • Detect a Ghosts presence with a Motion Sensor
  • Cleanse the area near the Ghost using Smudge Sticks
  • Prevent the Ghost from hunting with a Crucifix
  • Get a Ghost to walk through Salt
  • Detect a Ghost presence with a Candle
  • Escape the Ghost during a Hunt with no deaths (Intermediate or Professional difficulty only)
  • Use Smudge Sticks while the Ghost is hunting a player (Professional difficulty only)
  • Get an average Sanity below 25% (multiplayer only)


  • Discovering the type of ghost is individual to each player. Make sure everyone has filled out their evidence and selected a ghost type before ending the investigation.
  • Candles can only stay lit for a few minutes before burning out. The event of a Ghost blowing out the candle can be distinguished by an auditory cue along with the candle being blown out.
  • Escaping the ghost during a hunt requires that all players break line of sight with the ghost. This means that all players must be seen by the ghost for the objective to be completed!
  • The objective requiring a player to use Smudge Sticks while the Ghost is hunting them can be completed if the Smudge Sticks is dropped in front of the Ghost. The objective will complete as long as the Ghost "wanders" from interacting with lit Smudge Sticks.

Removed objectives

  • Capture a photo of Dirty Water in a sink
  • Detect a room below 10 Celsius/50 Fahrenheit with a Thermometer
  • Detect Ghost footsteps with a parabolic mic during a hunt. [beta]


  • Before version 0.174, completed tasks were crossed out, instead of greyed out.


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