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Onis love to scare their victims as much as possible before attacking. They are often seen in their physical form, guarding their place of death.

The Journal[src]

The Oni is one of 21 types of ghosts in Phasmophobia. It is much more active when players are grouped together, and has also been described as being extremely strong, throwing objects around the room with great force.


The Oni is more active, interacting with objects more often and causing more ghost events. An Oni can cannot perform the smoke/mist-type ghost event that causes a hiss, but can still perform a manifestation (ghost) event and may hiss in that case. It also has a higher chance of showing in its full form during a manifestation event as opposed to a shadow or translucent-like form.

When interacting with objects, an Oni has a chance of throwing it higher and/or with more force, making it land further away. Unlike Poltergeists, they cannot throw multiple items at once, nor does interacting with items reduce the players' sanity.


Journal quote

Strength: Onis are more active when people are nearby and have been seen moving objects at great speed.

Weakness: Onis are very active, making them easier to find.


Since it is one of the most active ghosts in the game, it will more readily give up evidence to players, which can make for generous and swift investigations if an Oni is quick to reveal the necessary evidence. Players may also infer from the Oni throwing an item at great speed or height, though care should be taken to distinguish this from a Poltergeist using its abilities.

Since the Oni cannot create the smoke-type ghost event, an Oni can be ruled out if the ghost performs such an event. The Oni could sstill cause a hiss if it performs the manifestation ghost event.


  • In Japanese folklore, an Oni (鬼) is a kind of demonic ogre or troll, and can be seen as a type of Yokai. They are usually portrayed as hulking figures with horns on their heads, sharp claws and tusks, an odd skin tone such as red, green, or blue, and carrying large iron clubs. In Phasmophobia, Oni do not reflect these depictions or their Japanese origin, and are simply another possible form of American ghost in both appearance and name due to sharing models and a naming pool with other ghost types.
  • Prior to 0.3.0, the evidence was EMF Level 5, Spirit Box, and Ghost Writing. That combination of evidence now indicates a Spirit.


Early Access Alpha
August 5, 2020
(Part 2)
Added Oni as a ghost type.
Early Access (Steam)
0.3.0 The evidence for Oni has been changed to EMF Level 5, Freezing Temperatures and D.O.T.S. Projector.
0.5.0 Oni can no longer perform smoke-type ghost events.
Oni now perform more ghost events than other ghosts on average.
Oni now have a higher chance of showing in a full form if it manifests.

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