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"The most common way of accidentally summoning a ghost is with a Ouija Board so you may come across these during your investigations. Be careful if you choose to use it as they have been known to lower your sanity. To use one, activate it and then ask a question with your voice."

The Ouija Board is a special item in Phasmophobia. It can be used to communicate with the Ghost at the cost of Sanity. The Ouija Board is usually hidden out of sight and can be found in places like basements, attics, beds, closets, and storage rooms.


The Ouija Board turning off after a question fails.

The Ouija Board moving to answer a successful question. The full answer spells Dining Room.

A Ouija Board has a 50% chance to spawn during an investigation on each map, and is guaranteed to spawn when playing on Nightmare difficulty. Each map has specific locations where a Ouija Board can potentially spawn.

A Ouija Board must be picked up with an empty hand. Swapping to another item will cause the Ouija Board to drop from the inventory.

The Ouija Board can be activated and deactivated by left clicking on it. Once activated, the characters on the board will start to glow. Questions then can be asked while holding the push-to-talk key (defaults to V), or asked directly if only one player is in the game. The player asking the question must have the Ouija Board inside the investigation area, as well as be inside to ask questions. The Ouija Board does not have to be in the Ghost Room (nor the ghost's current room) to respond.

When active and asked a phrase that it recognizes, there is a 67% chance for the Ouija Board to respond (success) and a 33% chance to anger the ghost (failure). Depending on the type of question, whether it succeeded or failed, and whether the ghost is a Demon, the following sanity will be deducted:

Sanity deduction rates (%)
Type of question Success Success (Demon) Failure
Sanity, age, length of death 5% 4% 5%
Number of people in room 20% 16%
Location 40% 32%

If the question is successful, the planchette will move to answer the question, and an EMF Level 2 reading will be generated around the Ouija Board. If the ghost has EMF Level 5 as evidence, there is a 25% chance for this to be the reading instead.

If the question fails, the board will turn off, the lights in the map will flash on and off several times, and the planchette will spin around. If the game is currently in Setup Phase, the timer will be set to zero, ending the phase prematurely.

The response chance (i.e. success or failure) is not affected by whether or not the ghost is shy. If the Ouija Board is asked a question but nothing happens, then either the board is not on or the phrase was not recognized. In some cases, faulty voice recognition is caused by losing focus of the game (whether by Alt-Tabbing or otherwise), and can be fixed by pressing the Windows key twice to refocus the game. This is a known bug.

Photos and Rewards

An active Ouija Board. If a Ouija Board is turned on (i.e. active) then all of its letters will be lit up.

It is possible to be rewarded money through Photo Rewards by taking photographs of the Ouija Board. Using the Photo Camera to take a photo of the Ouija Board, on or off, will yield a photo labelled as Ouija Board, and reward 30, 45, or 60 points depending on the distance taken.

If a photo of the Ouija Board is taken within a few seconds after a question is successfully asked, it will count as an Interaction photo instead, with 20, 30, or 40 points rewarded depending on distance. There is no limit to the amount of such photographs that can be taken of responses, including of the same question category, allowing players to fill up extra spaces in the Journal with additional interaction photos towards the tail-end of a mission.


There are five different types of questions that can be asked:

  • Location Questions
  • Age Questions
  • Death Questions
  • Room Questions
  • Sanity Questions

Note that this list of questions is not exhaustive.


The location given will be the currently occupied room of the Ghost. Early in the game, using the Ouija Board may give a rough idea of where the Ghost Room is, but this is not guaranteed, especially if the Ghost decides to roam far away at the start, and/or if the Ghost is a Wraith, Banshee, or Phantom.

  • "Where are you?"
  • "What is your favorite room?"
  • "Where is your room?"
  • "What is your room?"
  • "Are you here?"
  • "Are you close?"
  • "Are there any spirits?"
  • "Are you near?"
  • "Are you around?"


The age of the ghost is randomly generated number between 2 and 90 years that is predetermined at level start.

  • "How old are you?"
  • "What is your age?"
  • "Are you old?"
  • "Are you young?"


The length of death of a ghost is a randomly generated number between 50 and 1000 years that is predetermined at level start.

  • "How long have you been dead?"
  • "How many years ago did you die?"
  • "How long have you been here?"
  • "How long ago did you die?"
  • "When did you die?"

Room count

The response will be determined by the amount of people in the ghost's current room, including the ghost itself.

  • "How many are in this room?"
  • "How many people are in this room?"
  • "How many people are here?"
  • "How many ghosts are in this room?"
  • "How many ghosts are here?"
  • "Are you alone?"
  • "Are we alone?"
  • "Who is here?"
  • "Who is in this room?"

Sanity Questions

These questions can give the player a rough estimate of their current Sanity level. This is especially useful on large maps or on Nightmare Difficulty where the Sanity Monitor will be unavailable.

Direct question
  • "What is my sanity?"

This will give a range of answers depending on the sanity level:

  • 80% - 100%: Healthy
  • 60% - 80%: Good
  • 40% - 60%: Average
  • 20% - 40%: Bad
  • 0% - 20%: Awful
Mental state
  • "How crazy am I?"
  • "How insane am I?"

This will give another range of answers:

  • 50% - 100%: Not very
  • 20% - 50%: Very
  • 0% - 20%: Insane
Yes or no
  • "Am I insane?"

This will give the following:

  • >0%: (goes to Ouija)
  • 0%: Yes

Note that all answers are of the player's sanity after the sanity deduction has occured.


Starting a Hunt

The Ghost will hunt more frequently as the average Sanity of all living players decreases. To quickly decrease the average sanity, players may take advantage of the Ouija Board's sanity drain by simply using the Ouija Board repeatedly until the average Sanity has decreased enough, which will cause the Ghost to start hunting more frequently. This is useful when the last objective is the Crucifix Optional Objective (i.e. to stop a Hunt with a Crucifix), the Photo of a Ghost objective, or the Stun a Ghost With Smudge Sticks objective, and the Ghost is not Hunting or appearing enough.


Early Access Alpha
14 March 2020 The Ouija Board will now lower the player's sanity instead of having a chance to kill the player.
6 June 2020 Questions can now be asked to the Ouija Board.
All ghosts can now answer the Ouija Board instead of only having a chance to do so.
6 July 2020 The Ouija Board will now create an EMF reading when successfully answered.
8 July 2020 Failing the Ouija Board will now anger the ghost and cancel the setup phase.
16 August 2020 Ouija Board questions are now localised.
Early Access (Steam)
22 September 2020 The sanity decrease from the Ouija Board has been slightly reduced.
The chance of a successful question has been increased.
0.4.0 The Ouija Board now deducts less sanity for non-responses and more for a response.
The planchette animation has been improved. Sanity questions can now be asked to the Ouija Board
Less useful questions now deduct less sanity for a response.
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