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This Ouija Board allows us to talk with the ghost.

Objective Board

"The most common way of accidentally summoning a ghost is with a Ouija Board, so you may come across these during your investigations. Be careful if you choose to use it as they have been known to lower your sanity. To use one, activate it and then ask a question with your voice."

The Ouija Board is a cursed possession in Phasmophobia. It can be used to communicate with the ghost at the cost of sanity.


A Ouija Board has a 1 in 7 chance per contract of being chosen as the cursed possession that will spawn, with one specific spawn location per map.

A Ouija Board can be picked up with an empty hand. Swapping to another item will cause the Ouija Board to drop from the inventory.


The Ouija Board can be activated by left clicking (default: left click on mouse) on it if the player is not holding it, or toggling (default: right click on mouse) it directly while holding the board. The planchette will drop down onto the board, signifying that the board has been activated. There is currently a bug where an ongoing setup phase will only be canceled if a valid phrase has been recognized and not upon activation of the board.


Ouija Board text UI

The Ouija Board's textual UI.

Players can choose to either use voice chat or a text-based UI to ask questions.

  • If using voice chat, once activated, the Ouija Board will respond to voice input within 5 metres of it.
  • If using the text-based UI, the UI will appear upon activation. Players can then click to select one of 3 categories, then select a category-specific question, or say goodbye. The player cannot exit the UI without saying goodbye or the board breaking, but the board can be thrown out while holding it.

The player asking the question must be within the investigation area to ask questions, but does not have to be in the ghost room (nor the ghost's current room).

If the question is recognised, the planchette will move to answer the question, and an EMF Level 2 reading will be generated around the Ouija Board. If the ghost has EMF Level 5 as evidence, there is a 25% chance for this to instead be the reading per question asked.

Whether the ghost is "shy" or not does not affect its ability to respond via the Ouija Board. If the Ouija Board is asked a question via voice but nothing happens, then either the board is not activated or the phrase was not recognised. There is a cooldown of ~2.5 seconds for clicking via text-based UI, while there is no cooldown time for voice chat other than any voice recognition limitations.


Broken Ouija Board

A broken Ouija Board

To deactivate the Ouija Board, any nearby player must say "Goodbye", which will make the planchette disappear. The Ouija Board can then be left alone safely. The Ouija Board will also deactivate automatically if the player holds the board and exits the investigation area.

The Ouija Board will break if any of the following occurs:

  • There is no player within 5 metres of a still-active board
  • The player currently asking questions has less sanity than required to "pay" for the question[note 1]
  • The phrase "hide and seek" (or similar) is said (see Questions)

The board will burn and break itself up, initiating a cursed hunt if any player is inside the building.

Photo rewards[]


The old Ouija Board model when active. The Oujia Board no longer glows when active.

Using a Photo Camera to take a photo of the Ouija Board, on or off, will yield a photo labelled as Ouija Board, and reward up to $5 and 5XP, depending on the distance it was taken from.

If a photo of the Ouija Board is taken within 20 seconds after a question is successfully asked, it will count as an interaction photo instead, with up to $5 and 5XP rewarded depending on distance. There is no limit to the amount of such photographs that can be taken of responses, including of the same question category, allowing players to fill up extra spaces in the journal with additional interaction photos.


There are at least 13 different types of questions (including two jokes) that can be asked:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Death
  • Room count
  • Sanity
  • Method of death
  • Bone location
  • Hide and seek
  • Feeling
  • Purpose
  • Joke
  • Shyness

Note that if a question does not get a response, it is not considered a valid question. A few example questions:

  • "Are you from [Country/State Name]?"
  • "Are you [single/married]?"
  • "What is your name?"
List of questions. This list is not exhaustive.
Category Description Questions Answers Sanity drain Has text option
Location Returns the room that the ghost is currently in. This does not answer the favourite room no matter how it is phrased, unless ghost is currently there.
  • "Where are you?"
  • "What is your favorite room?"
  • "Where is your room?"
  • "What is your room?"
The room's name 50% Yes
Location (non-specific) Instead of providing the ghost's current room, this simply answers whether the ghost is in the same room as the person asking the question.
  • "Are you here?"
  • "Are you close?"
Yes/No 20% No
Bone location The name of the room where the bone is located will be given.
There is currently a known issue where this question may not work.
  • "Where is the bone?"
  • "Where did you die?"
  • "Where is your body?"
The room's name 20% Yes
Hide and seek The Ouija Board will initiate a countdown from 5 to 0, before breaking and starting a cursed hunt.[note 2]
  • "(Do you want to play) hide and seek?"
Counts down from 5 to 0 No drain Yes
Room count It is unknown how the answer is determined, though the answer is believed to be at least partially influenced by the number of people in the room.
  • "How many are in this room?"
  • "How many people are in this room?"
  • "How many people are here?"
  • "How many ghosts are in this room?"
  • "How many ghosts are here?"
  • "Are you alone?"
  • "Are we alone?"
  • "Who is here?"
  • "Who is in this room?"
  • "How many ghosts are present?"
  • "How many people are present?"
? 20% No
Shyness This will reply whether the ghost responds to people who are alone or to everyone when using the Spirit Box.
  • "Do you respond to everyone?"
Yes/No 20% Yes
Age The age of the ghost is a randomly generated number between 2 and 90 years that is predetermined at level start.
If the ghost is a Thaye, its age will start within this range but can exceed it after ageing.
  • "How old are you?"
  • "What is your age?"
  • "Are you old?"
  • "Are you young?"
2 - 90 5% Yes
Death The length of death of a ghost is a randomly generated number between 50 and 1000 years that is predetermined at level start.
  • "How long have you been dead?"
  • "How many years ago did you die?"
  • "How long have you been here?"
  • "How long ago did you die?"
  • "When did you die?"
50 - 1000 5% No
Sanity These questions can give the player a rough estimate of their current sanity level. This is especially useful on large maps or on Nightmare difficulty where the Sanity Monitor will be unavailable. All answers are of the player's sanity after their sanity has been deducted.
  • "What is my sanity?"
  • "How sane am I?"
  • > 80%: Healthy
  • 60% - 80% Good
  • 40% - 60%: Average
  • 20%-40%: Bad
  • < 20%: Awful
5% Yes
  • "How crazy am I?"
  • "How insane am I?"
  • > 50%: Not Very
  • 25% - 50%: Very
  • < 25%: Insane
  • "Am I insane?"
  • > 90% No
  • 20% - 90%: Maybe
  • < 20%: Yes
Method of death The cause of death of the ghost is listed.
  • "How did you die?"
  • Accident
  • Drowned
  • Choked
  • Murder
  • Shot
  • Fell
  • Slipped
5% Yes
Feeling These questions tell the player how the ghost is feeling.
  • "How do you feel?"
  • "Are you okay?"
  • "How are you?"
  • Angry
  • Cold
  • Empty
  • Excited
  • Hurt
  • Lonely
  • Sad
  • Scared
  • Sick
  • Strong
  • Weak
5% No
Purpose These questions tell the player why the ghost is present.
  • "Why are you here?"
  • "What do you want?"
  • Hatred
  • Kill
  • Lonely
  • Lost
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Revenge
  • Scared
  • Trapped
  • Vengeance
  • You
5% No
Joke Some jokes can be used on the ghost, each resulting in the ghost giving a specific answer in relation to the joke.
  • "Knock knock"
Whos there 5% No
  • "Marco"


  • Breaking the Ouija Board can be useful for completing several hunt-related objectives or earning photo rewards by taking a picture of the ghost.
  • You can quickly decrease a player's sanity (and, by extension, the average sanity of your team) by using the Ouija Board repeatedly, even while it's in the middle of answering another question.
  • You can repeatedly ask low-cost questions with the Ouija Board in order to create numerous interactions; with an EMF Reader nearby, EMF level 5 reading may be quickly attained, as each question has a 1/4 chance to give off the evidence.
  • When using voice chat to ask questions, wait at least a few seconds for the board to respond before asking again, to avoid breaking the board when asking high sanity-deducting questions.


Early Access Alpha
14 March 2020 The Ouija Board will now lower the player's sanity instead of having a chance to kill the player.
6 June 2020 Questions can now be asked to the Ouija Board.
All ghosts can now answer the Ouija Board instead of only having a chance to do so.
6 July 2020 The Ouija Board will now create an EMF reading when successfully answered.
8 July 2020 Failing the Ouija Board will now anger the ghost and cancel the setup phase.
16 August 2020 Added localisation for Ouija Board questions.
Early Access (Steam)
22 September 2020 Slightly reduced the sanity drop from the Ouija Board.
Increased the chance of a successful question.
0.4.0 The Ouija Board now deducts less sanity for non-responses and more for a response.
Improved the planchette animation. Sanity questions can now be asked to the Ouija Board.
Less useful questions now deduct less sanity for a response.
0.5.0 Updated the Ouija Board model.
The Ouija Board no longer fails questions.
Reduced the total number of Ouija Board spawn points on Brownstone High School, Prison and Asylum.
Ouija Board spawn chances are now tied to the spawn chances of cursed possessions.
Players must now say goodbye to the Ouija Board to deactivate it and prevent a hunt. Players can no longer ask the ghost to play hide and seek with the Ouija board during a hunt.
0.7.0 Reduced the sanity drain for "Hide and seek" from 25% to 0%.
0.8.0 Added a text UI option for using the Ouija Board.
The Ouija Board now breaks when no player is nearby, instead of just the player who activated it.
The Ouija Board now deactivates automatically if a player walks outside the investigation area while holding it. Increased the sanity drain for ghost's current room and bone location from 40% and 20% respectively, to both 50%. Saying "goodbye" on the Ouija Board no longer counts toward challenges. Ouija board will now break if you do not have enough sanity to use it instead of answering a question then breaking.
0.10.0 Reduced the sanity drain for the bone location question from 50% to 20%.


  1. This is currently bugged: the Ouija Board will not break provided the player still has at least 1% sanity when asking a question.
  2. The Ouija Board will instantly break instead of doing a countdown if the player asking this question has no sanity left.