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The parabolic microphone, sometimes referred to as a paramic, is a piece of equipment in Phasmophobia. It can detect sound through walls and at a great distance. It serves as a portable version of the sound sensor. Although infamously finicky, it is very handy to have around in the larger locations such as Brownstone High School and Asylum, although less effective in smaller ones.


The parabolic microphone has two functions. It allows the player to hear an idle ghost's paranormal sounds (voices, growls, etc.) and footsteps. It also displays a numeric value when pointed in the direction of a recent noise. The parabolic microphone only works inside the building. Only sounds that are caused exclusively by the ghost, or both a ghost and a player could make, or the static of a spirit box, will be picked up by the parabolic microphone. Sounds that are exclusive to player actions will not be picked up.

Inaudible sounds

An idle ghost's paranormal sounds and footsteps are normally inaudible. Those sounds become audible to a player using a parabolic microphone. Frequent paranormal sounds may indicate the ghost is a Myling.

Noise levels

When turned on, the display will show a set of numbers (000.0) which measures the sum of sound detected in a large area around its position. The values on the display are updated every 1-2 seconds. The parabolic microphone must be pointed in the direction that sounds are being made to pick up any form of interaction on the screen. It has a range of 30 meters with a 6 meter wide cone.

If a ghost interacts with something, such as moving a door, throwing an object, or causing footsteps, the microphone will detect the sound for a short period of time (3 seconds), giving a reading between 1.0 and 3.0 depending on the sound source on the display. If multiple sound sources are in the range of the microphone, they will add up and potentially give very high readings.

Sound sources

  • Car
  • Door
  • Spirit box static
  • Ghost's footsteps[note 1]
  • fuse box
  • Objects thrown by the ghost or the player (including the parabolic microphone itself)
  • Paintings falling
  • Sinks


Because the readings on the parabolic microphone take a certain time to update, it is recommended to pan the microphone slowly when "sweeping" an area to pinpoint the source of any noise more accurately. If the player moves the parabolic microphone too fast, they might pick a noise in a certain direction, but the reading may only update after the player is facing away from the source of the noise, potentially sending them away from the ghost's location.

The player should remain aware of other noise disturbances, such as doors being opened or closed and other players talking. Coordinate with others and communicate to know whether a reading might have originated from a player or the ghost. Also note that the parabolic microphone might pick up sounds from another floor, especially on smaller maps where the floor heights are shorter. Thus, "sweeping" the location starting from upstairs to downstairs or slightly angling the parabolic microphone might help locate sounds more accurately.



Early Access Alpha
15 August 2020
(Part 2)
Added parabolic microphone as an equipment.
16 August 2020
(Part 2)
The parabolic microphone now detects door sounds.
24 August 2020
(Part 4)
The parabolic micrphone now costs $50 instead of $60.
Early Access (Steam)
7 March 2021 The parabolic microphone's range and width has been increased from 8 to 30 metres and 2 to 6 metres, respectively.
The parabolic microphone no longer detects most sounds that are exclusive to player actions.
The parabolic microphone can now detect sounds made up to 3 seconds ago instead of 2 seconds.
0.3.0 The parabolic microphone model has been updated.
The parabolic microphone is now required to detect the ghost's footsteps when walking.
The parabolic microphone can now detect paranormal sounds from the ghost.


  1. This only applies for the ghost walking normally; footsteps sounds created from walking in salt can still be heard without the paramic.
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