The Photo Camera is a photographic camera that can take pictures of objects in-game. This equipment cannot be used for gathering evidence, but it may be required to complete additional objectives, daily challenges, or to acquire money from photo rewards upon finishing the investigation.


The Camera will flash a light twice the size of the regular flashlight with 3 times the range of the Glow Stick. It can take pictures through walls, doors, garage doors, windows, and almost all surfaces if the lens is able to clip through it.

Any pictures taken of a reflective surface will show the lens flash in the picture, such as the TV, or the Axe that one of the ghost models wields.

Rewards & 10 Photo Limit

Each picture that appears in the Journal with a label will reward at least $5 at the end of the contract, added together as "Photo Evidence". As with all other Money, this sum will then be multiplied by the difficulty multiplier (also dependent the size of the Map, among other things). If a picture does not have a title in your journal then it will not reward money. You can be rewarded a different amount of times depending on the category of the photo. For example, only one photo of the Bone or of the Ghost will be credited, but you can take an unlimited amount of Interaction photos (as of Beta version 0.2). The amount of money credited for each photo is semi-random. It is defined by a total score, and the score itself determines the amount of money you get. See Money article for a detailed explanation.

If there are no available slots for photos inside the Journal (which can hold 10 photos for the whole team), any further shots will not net any monetary gains. However, even if the Journal is filled with 10 photos, it will still possible to complete the "Capture a photo of the ghost" and "Capture a photo of dirty water in a sink" Optional Objectives.

Tips for Getting Photo Rewards

At the end of the game, taking photographs of the Ghost Room when leaving it for the final time might capture something unexpected that is worth Money but had not been noticed. For example, it is easy to miss Fingerprints (especially newer, fresh fingerprints), footprints, a second Ghost Writing Book that was written into, some object that was moved, etc..

A large amount of photos rewarding money can be taken on the Farmhouse maps (that is, Bleasdale Farmhouse and Grafton Farmhouse) because of their guaranteed Voodoo Dolls (between 2-3) and the frequently spawning Ouija Board. On these maps in particular, it is very easy to fill the Journal with the (maximum) 10 photos. So if players want to maximize their Photo Reward, then photos of things like the Van's Objective Board are discouraged.

List of objects

These are some objects whose photographs are recognized in the Journal and reward Money:

  • Bone
    • Every map has a bone, often laying around in the open (especially on larger maps such as the Farmhouses, High School, Prison, and Asylum). Occasionally on smaller maps, the bone might be better hidden.
    • The Bone only appears at certain locations, which is chosen at random for each game. The Bone will be dropped at a random place near or around this location, and within a certain radius.
      • This radius depends on the particular location and might be 0 meters (a 0 radius makes it spawn at exactly one location, which is needed for cases like when it spawns on a radiator heater or on a car) although it is very frequently not 0 meters.
    • Possible bone locations (the most common locations are in bold) include:
      • On the ground in plain sight, on top of or underneath/near a table (especially the dining room table), on a kitchen counter, bed, couch, shelf, radiator heater, on a step of a staircase, on a car, or on the seat of a chair. Many of these objects, especially table tops and plates, are white like the bone, which may make the bone easy to miss.
      • Bones sometimes clip into another object. These include rugs (which are slightly above ground level), towels that are on the ground, and plates and other objects on a table or counter. It is recommended that these objects be inspected in greater detail than usual because of the much greater chance that the bone has of glitching into these objects (especially when it is difficult to find).
      • Inside a closet, locker, sink, or bathtub. And very rarely, inside a drawer (opening the drawer often makes it fall to the ground).
      • Each map's article lists known Bone locations.
  • Dead Body - The photo must actually be taken of the location where the kill animation started (or possibly, where the now-dead player was caught), which might be different from where the body is located. If this location is uncertain, then it is recommended that a "wide" photo of the area be taken to increase the chance of photographing this location (that is, don't take a close up photo of the body but instead try to take a photo of as much of the room where the body was found as possible).
  • Dirty Water
    • Money is rewarded for a photo of Dirty Water even if "Capture a photo of dirty water in a sink" was not assigned as an Optional Objective. Only photos labelled "Dirty water" in the Journal reward money in the "Photo Reward" category (this excludes the money rewarded by completing the "Dirty Water" objective, which will be rewarded even if there is no photo labelled "Dirty water" in the (full) Journal).
    • After taking a photo of Dirty Water and turning off the sink, if the Ghost turns that same sink back on then taking a second photo of the sink will register a photo in the "Interaction" category.
  • Fingerprints
    • Each fingerprint that is photographed gives a reward. The photo will be labelled "Fingerprints" in the Journal (as always, unlabeled photos give no Money in the "Photo Reward" category).
    • Photos of Fingerprints do not have to be lit up by UV light in order to register in the Journal.
    • When Fingerprints evidence is suspected but can not be seen (e.g. small Fingerprints on a cell door in Prison) , then one way to check for them is to take a photograph of the area and then look in the Journal for a photo labelled "Fingerprints."
  • Footprints - Found after the Ghost walks through salt.
    • Unlike Fingerprints, Footprints do not last indefinitely and will disappear after a short while.
    • Like Fingerprints, photos of Footprints do not have to be lit up by UV light in order to register in the Journal.
  • Ghost - The photo can only be taken when the Ghost visually manifests (i.e. is visible to the player).
    • The Ghost does not need to be Hunting in order for its photo to be taken. It merely needs to visually manifest (which happens during a Hunt but can also happen outside of a Hunt; even before the Ghost starts its first Hunt).
    • Smudge Sticks make the Ghost more active while reducing the chance of it Hunting.
    • Money is rewarded for every photo of the Ghost even if "Capture a photo of the ghost" was not assigned as an Optional Objective. Only photos labelled "Ghost" in the Journal reward money in the "Photo Reward" category (this excludes the money rewarded by completing the "Capture a photo of the ghost" objective, which will be rewarded even if there is no photo labelled "Ghost" in the (full) Journal).
  • Interactions, including:
    • Door moving,
    • Radio playing,
    • Voodoo Doll interactions
      • The first photo of any particular Voodoo Doll rewards money and is labelled in the Journal as an "Interaction" (even if neither the Ghost nor a player interacted with it). One photo per Voodoo Doll.
      • After its first photo is taken, if this Voodoo Doll slides across the floor (because of a Ghost interaction) then taking a second photo of it after this interaction will count towards Photo Rewards in the Interaction category.
      • Bleasdale Farmhouse always has 3 Voodoo Dolls, Grafton Farmhouse always has 2 Voodoo Dolls, and these dolls are always found at the same locations (described in these maps' articles). So the farmhouse maps always have at least 2 gauranteed interaction photos and on Bleasdale Farmhouse, it is possible to get up to 6 Interaction photos just from the Voodoo Dolls alone.
    • Signed Ghost Writing Book - Each signed Ghost Writing Book that is photographed gives a reward.
  • Ouija Board - Whether or not it spawns is up to RNG.
    • $5 for a photo of the Ouija Board (it can be on or off). This first photo will be labelled "Ouija Board".
    • Another $5 for a photo of the ghost answering the Ouija board (while the planchette is moving). This second photo will be labelled as an "Interaction". Each of the 4 possible questions that can be asked will reward $5 (in the "Interaction" category) when a photo of the Ghost answering the Ouija Board is taken.
    • To avoid a bug where these two photographs might not register in the Journal, it is advised to not have the Ouija board lying flat on the ground; instead, place it on a surface like a table. Alternatively, looking stright up and then dropping the board (by pressing "G") will usually result in the board standing upright/vertically on the ground (if the ground is flat); this orientation will also avoid this bug.
    • Each map has a limited number of locations where the Ouija Board can spawn; these locations are listed in many user-made maps (for example, such as on and they are also listed in each map's article.

Non-recognized Objects

As of the latest beta, photographs of the following objects are not recognized in the Journal (either they were never recognized or they are no longer recognized) and do not reward Money:

  • Photos of EMF Level 5 on the EMF Reader are not recognized in the Journal and do not reward Money. The same is true of all other EMF levels.
  • A photo of a bloody axe is not recognized in the Journal and does not reward Money.
  • A photo of the Van's computer monitor, taken when the Ghost is visible on the screen.

Photo Objective

  • Capture a photo of dirty water in a sink.
  • Capture a photo of the ghost.


  • Fingerprints don't need to be lit up by UV Light to register as a proper photo.
  • In version 0.174, the photo camera is bugged, where the actual photo is in a slightly different angle than what the person taking the photo sees. This can cause some objects to not register, even though they're clearly in the picture. Taking photo at bit of a distance usually helps.
  • Photos captured do no sync over with other players. The photos are taken and rendered individually on each client. This can cause confusion as ghosts can show up for one person but not another.


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