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This prison was recently closed due to some unexplainable deaths. We have recently received information about a possible Haunting at this location. You'll be sent to gather as much evidence as possible so a ghost removal team can deal with it afterwards. More info when you arrive.

Old map description on the contract board

The Prison is a medium map in Phasmophobia, the second of its size type to be added to the game. The Prison bears a semi-dilapidated, spartan environment, with long corridors subdivided with metal bars that make encounters with ghosts unnerving.

This map unlocks at level 3.


The Prison map contains a variety of rooms, including two prison blocks containing all the jail cells, offices of various types, an infirmary room, visitation rooms, and more. Though slightly smaller than Brownstone High School, the other medium-sized map, Prison can still be just as dangerous: a safe location during a hunt may be a great distance away, demanding a long run, compounded with the ghost room being able to be located in many areas that have only one or two routes of escape, including congested catwalks and entire cell block floors. Smudge Sticks may be essential for survival in these situations, especially against ghosts with a speed advantage.

Many parts of the building have light switches located in nearby separate rooms, requiring players to head away from them to manipulate the location's lighting. This can occasionally cause confusion with the ghost manipulating the switches that illuminates other rooms.

Layout tips

  • Exit doors at the end of both prison blocks provide an alternative access route between the blocks via the outside. This outside area also prevents passive sanity drain.
  • Each cell block consists of 5 distinct rooms. The first floor consists of three rooms: the left row of prison cells, the right row of prison cells including the small control room, and the open area in between, which includes the area up to the inner steel gates. The second floor consists of two rooms, split evenly down the middle with each row of cells in one room.
  • The computer keyboards in the cell block control rooms control the lights for the entire cell block.
  • The two upstairs rooms with hospital beds (separated by a single door) are considered by the game as one room called "Infirmary".
  • The upstairs room named "Infirmary Hallway" consists of 4 smaller "sub-rooms", including the small hallway leading to "Cafeteria Security" and the small room that may spawn a fuse box.
  • The rooms called Main Hallway and Office Hallway cannot be chosen as a ghost room.
  • The light switch for the Main Hallway is found in the Central Control room.

See Third-party tools for a list of detailed map viewers that players may use.

Key hiding spots and strategies

There are 2 sets of lockers in Prison. These are thought to always be accessible, even on Nightmare difficulty. Players usually hide behind furniture or in prison cells due to the lack of lockers.

Bone locations

Bones generally spawn randomly, though there is a slight bias for them to spawn closer to the middle of a room.


Cursed possession locations

All cursed possessions will spawn in the entrance hallway.