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A Raiju is a demon that thrives on electrical current. While generally calm, they can become agitated when overwhelmed with power.

The Journal

The Raiju is a type of ghost in Phasmophobia. The Raiju siphons the power from electronic equipment to both increase its aggression and bolster its speed during a hunt.


When a Raiju manifests during a ghost event or a hunt, it will interfere with electronics that are up to 15[verify] metres away on the same floor, instead of the usual 10 metres.

When nearby at least one piece of active electronic equipment, the Raiju's hunt sanity threshold is increased to 65%, similar to a Yokai with talking. Otherwise, it has the normal threshold of 50%.

During hunts, if the Raiju is within a certain distance of at least once piece of active electronic equipment, it will move at a fixed speed of approximately 2.5 m/s:[1]

  • Small map: 6m
  • Medium map: 8m
  • Large map: 10m

Otherwise, it will follow standard ghost speed rules. Though the Raiju cannot accelerate further while near electronic equipment, having line-of-sight with a player will still count towards its base speed increase; a Raiju moving at a normal speed entering the radius of electronic equipment will exit the radius at a higher speed if it has line-of-sight while within the radius.

All effects listed above apply to most electronic equipment, both when held in the hand and items dropped on the floor. Head mounted cameras, motion sensors, sound sensors, and building/structure lights, do not count towards the speed boost. Video cameras and cameras that are thrown also do not cause the Raiju to speed up.

Strengths and weaknesses

These are the strengths and weaknesses as listed in the journal:

Strength: A Raiju can siphon power from nearby electrical devices, making it move faster.

Weakness: Raiju are constantly disrupting electronic equipment when attacking, making it easier to track.



In order to mitigate the risk of an early hunt, it is best to turn off and/or remove any unneeded electronic equipment from the ghost room; this also prevents the Raiju from harnessing this equipment to empower itself while hunting. Lazily discarding such equipment is a reliable way to make a Raiju extremely dangerous. Additionally, players often have the reflex of discarding electronic items behind them when a hunt starts to not attract the ghost's attention to them; this should be avoided with Raijus to not leave a trail of electronic equipment to power his speed ability. Instead, players should either switch to a non-electronic item or an electronic item that can be turned off.

The Raiju may be readily-identified by being mindful of its speed during a hunt, particularly on small maps, so long as there are active electronic items nearby. If the ghost continues to walk very quickly when roaming (and not chasing particular players), then it is most likely a Raiju.


Early Access (Steam)
0.4.0 Added Raiju as a ghost type.


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