Ridgeview Road House is one of the Locations in Phasmophobia, being one of the game's three Small maps during Early Access. It is a two-story, four-bedroom house with a garage and basement. It is quite congested with many linear hallways, with most of the rooms either being small, having numerous obstacles, or both. However, the presence of closets and multiple sub-rooms to dive into provides plenty of safety for a Hunt. After the last update, you cannot hide between the black car and the garage door during ghost hunt.

As of the current version, a tripod-mounted video camera can be placed on the outside window looking into the Kitchen, allowing for it to be safely monitored even before the door is opened.


Ouija Board Locations


There are two places in the Basement where the Ouija Board can potentially spawn.

First Floor

Second Floor

Bone Locations

This gallery of Bone locations is incomplete.

Basement Bone Locations

First Floor Bone Locations

Dining Room




Living Room

Master Bedroom


Utility Room

Second Floor Bone Locations

Bathroom (Across from "Boy's Room")

Boy's Bedroom

"Boy's Bedroom" should not be confused with "Teen Boy's Room", which is also on the second floor. See the map.

Girl's Bedroom

Teen Boy's Room

"Teen Boy's Room" should not be confused with "Boy's Bedroom", which is also on the second floor. See the map.

Upstairs Toilet

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