Salt is a purchasable item used to detect the Ghost's footprints. It is used to place salt piles on the floor which the ghost can walk in, disturbing it and creating footprints that can be seen with the UV Flashlight, which can then be photographed with a Photo Camera for extra money. Each Salt Shaker can create three piles of salt, after which it can be discarded.

To place salt in VR, point your VR controller toward the ground and press the trigger.

The Wraith has a special interaction with stepping in salt.

How it works

A ghost can only step in salt every 10 seconds, and will not step in salt during the Hunt. While creating footsteps after stepping in salt, the ghost will make loud stepping sounds.

If a Wraith comes into contact with salt, it will stop attacking immediately, at the cost of permanently increasing Ghost Activity.


  • Place salt at choke points in the house the ghost will have to walk through.
  • Dropping a glowstick on or near the salt pile will illuminate it without having to use a UV flashlight.

Salt before and after being stepped in.

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