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The salt shaker is a purchasable item used to place salt piles around a building. Ghosts can step in these piles to leave behind footprints, which can be photographed for additional reward money.

The Wraith has a special interaction when stepping in salt.


A salt shaker can be used to place salt piles on the floor. Each salt shaker can be used 3 times, allowing a maximum of 6 salt piles to be placed per game with 2 salt shakers.

When a ghost walks onto a salt pile, a sole-like imprint will be left in the salt pile. Footprints may also be created if the ghost moves and makes footstep sounds, which can be found by shining a UV light around the area where the ghost walked. Taking a photo of these footprints counts toward photo rewards. Taking a picture of the salt pile itself does not count as footprints.

Ghosts will not step in salt during a hunt. Although usually also an indicator of the ghost room being near, active ghosts can step in salt piles anywhere it was poured on the floor.

Wraiths will step in salt piles like any other ghost and leave an imprint, but will not leave UV-visible footprints. When they step in a salt pile, the Wraith will become "angered" and the level of ghost activity will increase for a period of time.


Salt before and after being stepped in.

  • Place salt at choke points in the house the ghost will have to walk through.
  • Dropping a glow stick near the salt pile will illuminate any footprints present without having to use a UV flashlight.


Early Access Alpha
25 March 2020 Salt can now be placed on the ground.
1 April 2020 The salt pile model has been changed to 3D, and will flatten when a ghost walks in it.
Early Access (Steam)
22 September 2020 Wraiths can no longer walk in salt during hunts.
? All other ghosts can no longer walk in salt during hunts.
0.3.0 The salt pile and salt shaker models have been updated.
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