A view of the sanity monitor available in the van. Usernames redacted.

The Sanity Monitor is screen in the van labelled "Team Sanity", where you can see the average Sanity of the team as well as the individual Sanity levels of each player as a percentile reading. The sanity monitor is not perfectly-accurate, as it will oscillate by +/-3% in order for sanity to be perceived as more organic.

Dead players and players who are yet to load in to the lobby show up on the Sanity Monitor with a "?" symbol rather than a number. Players who have left the game will disappear from the sanity monitor entirely.


  • The sanity monitor can be useful for identifying Ghosts that interact with player sanity, such as the Demon; for example, if players are getting frequent responses from the Ouija Board, but sanity levels are still fairly-solid, it is easy to identify the Demon even without evidence.
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