Phasmophobia Wiki

Sanity Pills replenish a player's Sanity level.


Consuming a Sanity Pill will replenish a certain amount of the player's sanity up to the maximum of 100%, depending on difficulty:

  • Amateur: 40%
  • Intermediate: 35%
  • Professional: 30%
  • Nightmare: 25%

Sanity pills cannot be consumed if the player's sanity is above 95%.

They are vital for larger locations such as Brownstone High School and the Asylum, as well as being much more important on higher difficulties in general due to increased sanity drain, allowing you and your team to be safer on a contract for longer periods and stave off Hunts.


  • Before 0.3.0, the substance labeled on the bottle itself was chlorpheniramine maleate, an antihistamine used to treat hay fever and allergy symptoms.


Early Access Alpha
February 3, 2020 Painkillers are now consumed instantly.
February 4, 2020 Painkillers have been renamed to Sanity Pills.
March 25, 2020 Sanity Pills now have a slight delay before taking effect.
Sanity Pills now have sound effects.
July 7, 2020 The sanity restored has been reduced from 50% to 40%.
Sanity Pills will now be removed from the inventory when consumed.
August 12, 2020 Sanity Pills now cost $30 instead of $25.
Only 3 Sanity Pills can now be brought per contract, down from 4.
August 30, 2020 4 Sanity Pills can now be brought per contract, back from 3.
Sanity Pills now cost $45 instead of $30.
Early Access (Steam)
0.3.0 Sanity Pills now have a new visual.
0.4.0 Sanity Pills now restore different amounts of sanity depending on difficulty.
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