The Site Map is located within the starting van. It shows the layout of the map, players, exit doors, cameras, stairs, and the location of the fuse box. If a Motion Sensor is used, it appears as a stripe where its line of sight is. Sound Sensors will cover a large portion of the map with a yellow detection radius. A large white square-shaped switch can be found on the left side of the map, which can be used to change to different levels of the map if a location has multiple stories.

(Starter Equipment is in bold italics)
Purchasable Equipment: CandleCrucifixEMF ReaderFlashlight (regular)Ghost Writing BookGlow StickHead Mounted CameraInfrared Light SensorLighterMotion SensorParabolic MicrophonePhoto CameraSalt ShakerSanity PillsSpirit BoxSmudge SticksSound SensorStrong FlashlightThermometerTripodUV FlashlightVideo Camera
Van Equipment: Objective BoardSanity MonitorSite Activity MonitorSite MapSetup Timer
Onsite Equipment: Bone EvidenceOuija BoardVoodoo Doll
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