"This has always been one of the main ways to weaken the more common ghosts. To do this you will need to grab some Smudge Sticks and burn it near the Ghost."

Smudge Sticks, also known as sage sticks, are a purchasable item that will deter the Ghost from hunting or attacking for a period of time when burned.

The Yurei and Spirit have special interactions with smudge sticks.

How it works

To use the smudge sticks, you must interact with it using either a Lighter or a lit Candle. (Alternatively, if you have a lighter in your inventory, you can switch to the smudge sticks and press the "F" key to light them automatically.)

Once lit, the smudge sticks will begin to smoke for roughly 15 seconds, and if the Ghost is within 6 meters, Ghost Activity will be increased marginally and the Ghost won't be able to enter a hunt for 90 seconds (180 for Spirit). This won't stop an active hunt. The smudge sticks will function both while in hand or on the floor.

If the ghost is a Yurei, it will not wander around the location for 90 seconds.

If there is an active hunt, then the ghost will stop chasing a player and begin to wander for 5 seconds before returning to hunting.

You will know if the smudge sticks have worked due to the smoke dissipating, at this point you can throw the item down since it has been used up. If the smoke is still ongoing, it has yet to take effect.


  • Despite being referred to as "smudging", the smudge sticks are used more akin to "smoke cleansing". Smudging is a spiritual and religious practice found in various Native American cultures, many of which use white sage, a plant native to North America. Smudging is typically used for personal spiritual cleansing, prayer, and ceremonial occasions, the technique varying from tribe to tribe. Smoke cleansing, on the other hand, is used to ward off negative energy and evil spirits, and is used by wafting the smoke of sage or herbs around an area, sometimes accompanied by prayer, chanting, or incantations. Smoke cleansing is a practice commonly found in modern-day Wicca and witchcraft.
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