Phasmophobia Wiki

The Sound Sensor detects sounds in the vicinity, allowing the player to track any ghost activity.


A sound sensor can be placed on any solid wall or ground. The Sound Sensor will detect any noise in a boxlike area in front of the sensor itself. The detection area is highlighted as a yellow box on the Site Map in the Van. Any noise, both player-made and ghost-made, will appear as a bar on the Sound Sensor Screen, showing how loud the sound was and identifying which sensor picked up the sound. The screen will display the loudest sound detected, rather than the total volume of all the sounds. The value displayed will update every five seconds.

The area covered by a sound sensor is fixed, but relative to the in-game map and not the building. This means on smaller maps it is good for covering a room or two, but on larger maps such as Asylum, it can cover about a third of one of the wings.

Like the Parabolic Microphone, the Sound Sensor will detect sounds through walls, so placing it on a wall facing a large area or several rooms is a good way to cover a lot of ground when looking for the ghost's location early on. On smaller maps, two Sound Sensors can be placed on either side of a wall in the center of a location, allowing them to monitor an entire floor when placed well.


Early Access Alpha
24 March 2020
(Part 2)
Sound sensors now have a preview outline for placement.
Sound sensors can now detect more sounds.
19 June 2020 Sound sensors are now level-locked.
27 June 2020 Sound sensors are now unlocked at level 7.
13 August 2020 Sound sensors can now be picked up after being placed.
Sound sensors now cost $80 instead of $60.
16 August 2020(Part 2) Door slams are now detected by sound sensors.
Early Access (Steam)
0.4.0 Sound sensors can now be placed on the floor.