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The Spirit Box is a piece of equipment used to find Spirit Box evidence. It creates white noise by constantly cycling through various radio frequencies, which allows the ghost to communicate with players.


The Spirit Box can be turned on via toggle (default: right click on mouse). The Spirit Box emits a constant static noise while active.

The microphone LED/icon will indicate whether or not the Spirit Box is listening (when Push To Talk or Toggle is used), or receiving microphone input (when Voice Activation is used).


Spirit Box text UI

The Spirit Box's textual UI.

There are three ways to probe for a response via the Spirit Box:

  • If using voice chat, the Spirit Box will recognise any valid question asked by the player.
  • If using the text-based UI, the UI will appear upon turning on the Spirit Box. Players can then click to select one of 3 questions. The player can exit the UI by turning off the Spirit Box.
  • If the player selects Vosk, Windows, or None as the voice recognition method, having voice chat active (by holding the push-to-talk button or selecting Voice Activation) will enable the Spirit Box to automatically "ping" a question every 10 seconds.

If nothing happens upon asking a question, it is possible the game did not recognise any valid phrase, or the player's voice recognition is not working properly. Note that the microphone LED/icon shows whether the game is picking up the player's microphone only if the player's voice chat option is set to Voice Activation. When using the Windows voice recognition system, this does not necessarily mean that the system is working properly.



The indicators for each Spirit Box tier.

When a question is successfully registered, the Spirit Box will return one of two results:

  • If all the relevant conditions are met and the chance is successful, the ghost LED will turn white on a Tier I Spirit Box, the ghost icon will display on a Tier II Spirit Box, the response LEDs will turn white on a Tier III Spirit Box, and a distorted voice line will be heard through the Spirit Box. This is considered as evidence of Spirit Box.
  • If the ghost LED turns red on a Tier I Spirit Box, the 'X' icon displays on a Tier II Spirit Box, or the response LEDs turn red on a Tier III Spirit Box, one or more of the conditions listed below have not been met.

Evidence requirements[]

In order to get a successful Spirit Box response from the ghost, all of the following is required:

  • The ghost has Spirit Box as one of its evidences.
  • The player must be in the investigation area. This means being going past the wooden gates (for campsites), being indoors or in the square courtyard (Sunny Meadows), or being indoors in all other maps.
  • The player must be within a certain range of the ghost (3 metres with a Tier I, 4 metres with a Tier II, and 5 metres with a Tier III).
  • All lights in the player's current room must be off. Light emitted from equipment, including electronic and non-electronic equipment, does not affect this. Lights in other rooms, including rooms or hallways that are directly adjacent, may be left on, and any doors between the rooms can stay open.
  • Ghosts which respond only to "people who are alone" will respond only if there is a single person in the room at the moment the question is asked. If the ghost is noted to respond to everyone, the number of people in the room does not affect the ghost's ability to respond. If the difficulty has a setup time (e.g. Amateur and Intermediate), this will be indicated on the corkboard and in the journal.
  • If all other conditions are met, there is a chance of the ghost responding per question asked. The chance depends on the tier of the Spirit Box.

If the player is particularly unlucky, a combination of these factors may cause the Spirit Box to repeatedly turn the LEDs red, or show an 'X', despite the ghost having Spirit Box as one of its evidences.

Other than the need for the Spirit Box to be near the player, there are no further checks on where the Spirit Box itself is.


The Spirit Box is considered an electronic equipment. When interfered with, all the LEDs/icons will flicker rapidly. During a hunt, holding an active Spirit Box within 7.5 metres of a ghost on the same floor will attract it to the player.

Note that the ghost may still respond audibly if the player asks questions while the Spirit Box is being interfered with. This also counts as Spirit Box evidence.


The following does not count as evidence of Spirit Box:

  • The ghost touching a door or an object
  • The ghost performing a ghost event or a hunt, which may cause the LEDs/icons on the Spirit Box to flicker
    • One ghost vocalisation involves the ghost repeatedly saying certain words; this is also not evidence of Spirit Box
  • Any other phenomenon not related to the Spirit Box

Ghost-specific abilities[]

  • The Deogen has a 33% chance to respond with heavy breathing instead of a regular response if the player is standing within 1 metre of the ghost.[1]
  • The Moroi will curse the player who asked a question if they successfully obtain a response. The cursing response will not sound any different.


  • It is recommended that the Spirit Box be used early on in the investigation as soon as the presumed favourite room has been found as using it effectively required a player to remain alone in the dark with the ghost for several seconds, thus considerably reducing their sanity and allowing a potential hunt to start. This is especially true for higher difficulties.
  • As the Spirit Box emits a constant static when turned on, it may interfere with the ability to hear ghost activities properly. Turning it off is recommended when not in use.
  • Ghost replies on the Spirit Box do not count as ghost events or interactions.

Possible ghosts[]

Deogen Spirit Box D.O.T.S. Projector Ghost Writing
Mare Spirit Box Ghost Orb Ghost Writing
Moroi Spirit Box Freezing Temperatures Ghost Writing
Onryo Spirit Box Freezing Temperatures Ghost Orb
Phantom Spirit Box D.O.T.S. Projector Ultraviolet
Poltergeist Spirit Box Ultraviolet Ghost Writing
Spirit Spirit Box EMF Level 5 Ghost Writing
The Mimic Spirit Box Ultraviolet Freezing Temperatures
The Twins Spirit Box EMF Level 5 Freezing Temperatures
Wraith Spirit Box D.O.T.S. Projector EMF Level 5
Yokai Spirit Box D.O.T.S. Projector Ghost Orb

Types of questions[]

There are three types of questions that can be asked:

  • Aggressiveness
  • Location
  • Age

Given the nature of voice recognition, questions may be marginally different from one another, so the following lists only contain general phrases that should be used as a guide.


Ghost responses are threatening with murderous intent.

Aggression-related questions
"Are you friendly?"
"What do you want?"
"Why are you here?"
"Do you want to hurt us?"
"Should we leave?"
Aggression-related responses
Number of voice lines Examples
  • ...getting attacked has left a...
  • attack was...
  • a tragic death...
  • ...person died, and...
  • ...playing with death...
  • ...act of hate reverberated...
  • ...possible hate crime...
  • ...left hurt after a destruct...
  • ...injured in a...
  • killing...
  • ...tragic killing, a...


Responses will correspond to the location of the ghost relative to the player.

Location-related questions
"Where are you?"
"Are you close?"
"Give us a sign."
"Speak to us."
"Can you talk?"
"Are you here?"
"Is there a Ghost here?"
"What is your location?"
"Show yourself."
Location-related responses
Distance Number of voice lines Examples
Within 2 metres 6
  • ...a close encounter...
  • ...were close to an abandoned...
  • a close-knit community...
  • ...close to a bustling...
  • ...from behind, unsuspectingly...
  • ...from behind, leaving...
Between 2 - 5 metres (where applicable) 6
  • ...I was taken away, then...
  • ...the far-reaching...
  • ...found far from their home...
  • ...far and wide...

Age questions[]

Responses will detail the ghost's predetermined age.

Age-related questions
"How old are you?"
"Are you a child?"
"Are you old?"
"Are you young?"
Age-related responses
Number of voice lines Examples
  • elderly individual...
  • elderly victim...
  • elderly resident...
  • ...of a young individual...
  • ...when a young assailant...


  • In real life, a spirit box scans through various radio frequencies to pick up potential sounds that may have come from a ghost, mostly through pareidolia of various different audio clips being strung together to sound like proper phrases or prudent responses to questions.
  • Using the spirit box by itself does not increase ghost activity or interactions, but saying recognized phrases (whether with or without the spirit box) near the ghost can provide a small boost to the rate of interactions.
  • Age related questions do not relate to the ghost's appearance.
  • The response voices are the heavily edited voices of many Phasmophobia content creators.
  • Some Spirit Box questions can also be used on the Ouija Board.
  • The tier 3 Spirit Box text does not show on VR.
  • Ghosts will respond to "Are you French?" as the game thinks it hears "Are you friendly?"


Early Access (Steam)
0.3.0 Changed the Spirit Box model.
The Spirit Box now has three different voice responses that are based on the ghost's gender.
0.9.0 Added Tier I and Tier III Spirit Boxes.
Changed the Spirit Box responses. Lowered the “far” response’s minimum distance to 2m, from 4m
0.10.0 Small environment lights such as lamps must now also be turned off to receive a response
Players must now hold the Spirit box to use it with text-based voice recognition


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